BMS Started Smoking!

OK so I finnally got everything completed for my electric skateboard so I plugged everything in and them my bms started to smoke. Now this is one of those cheapish ebay bms and I bypassed discharge. Does anyone know a good 6S BMS that is reasonably priced? Because I assume this bms is broken

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for 6s I would just use an IMAX B6. Its fairly simple to make a panel mount out of VGA adaptors.

BTW I have 2 6s LiPo’s in parallel. Could I parallel charge with that balance charger

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Yes sir, since they are lipos I would definitely just use a hobby charger.

Ok, I think I will give up on using a BMS, for now, what power supply do you need for the Imax b6? I have a 25.2v 2A DC charger



will this work with the imax b6?

I don’t know how you’re going to charge that charger with the imax B6, but this works with the imax B6

Is this only a 6s charger so are you only going to be able to charge 1 battery at a time

Smoking is bad, stop your BMS before its too late

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stop your @scepterr before it’s too late :rofl:

he has them in parallel, not a problem.

While I agree…

The adapter you linked was for two 3s in series as 6s.

He needs a parallel 6s balance plug…

How long is it going to take to charge He plainnng on charinging over night

If the power supply can do it I believe the newer imaxes can charge at upto 10a.

So 6s 5000mAh * 2 = 10Ah 6s. 10a/10Ah = h ie 1 hour… Aka 1c charge. A 1c charge will always charge a battery in 1 hour… As batteries are rated in watt or amp HOURS

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True, I had assumed it was x2 3s until I went back and re-read :slight_smile:

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The imax b6 is only rated for 5a but charge time does not really matter to me

With 6s batteries you wont be able to charge at more current than 1.98A. it has a Max output of 50W, and 50/25.2 = 1.98