Bms turns off and stops outputting power

I am having a problem with my freshly build electric skateboard, my battery setup is 10s 3p and my BMS is a cheap chinese 10s 60a one from aliexpress, see it here. My problem is that sometimes the bms just stops working or turns off. It’s like it detects a problem and turns off. I have checked all the batteries and they’re all the same voltage ± 0,05 volt. Sometimes it happens when i give full power it turns off and sometimes it just turns off after a while. When it stops working i just have to connect p- and b- with a wire directly and it resets and starts working until it happens again. I could really need some help thank you.

try bypassing the bms then see if the problem remains

Taking your life into your hands discharging through that cheap bms. Go charge only with it

If you want to discharge through the bms, you need to get a quality name brand bms like Bestech or Battery Supports also known as Supower.

Otherwise you can bypass on discharge as previously recommended.

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Idk, I am having issues with my 12s lipo bms from bestech. It’s brand new, triple checked wiring, and yet it’s always on with or without the e-sw Connected. I’ve checked the button and wiring to and from, open when it should be, and closed when it should be. Yet the power is always on. I have no idea why and it sucks!