BMS Wiring Diagram(am i reading this right?)

Bought a small 10s bms for a build I am doing with a friend of mine. Every other 10s BMS iv’e ever used has been an 11 wire. This one happens to be a 10 wire. Just wanted to bounce this off everyone before i button it up.

My understanding is that B1 would be 3.6V, B2 7.2V and so fourth(I wish they would just list it that way… instead of b1,b2…). Same as an 11 wire except it gets the main ground value through the P- pad? I don’t see any other way you could wire it up that would allow that bms access to each group.

This is the Diagram it comes with: s-l1600

This is how I think it should go: bms%20wiring

Not everybody all at once now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, looks like you’ve got it right, but I think you usually get ground from B-, so don’t forget to connect that.