BMS wiring for Raptor 2.1 HELP!

How would I wire this BMS into my RAPTOR 2.1? Any help would be much appreciated

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I cant remember if the 2.1 has the bms/ power button/charge/70A fuse pcb board thing. I think youll have to remove all that to wire in a bms. Do you have pics of the old bms setup?

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You need to get the wiring diagram from the supplier of the new BMS, probably looks somthing like this

NOTE: the LCD & On/off switch can connect direct to the focbox unity.

Disconnect the switch from here:

Disconnect this ribbon cable:

Plug the switch in here:

LCD display can connect here:


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Thanks @onloop I have already done that when I first got the board as per enertion instructions that got sent out in an email over a year ago.

I ended up getting it wired up and it started to charge for about 40min then the charger started flashing red and green every so often but mainly stayed green. Battery only charged to 29.89V.

So I have done a teardown of the battery and it appears only the first half of the battery is charging… the other half of the battery is pretty much dead.

I noticed that it’s the same design battery as your original space cells for the Raptor 1 but this has Samsung 30Q and not Samsung 25R.

PS. I still have a heap of the original Raptor 1 battery/top deck covers that you threw away in your skip when you left Adelaide… So if you want any back DM me :sunglasses:

This one is 10s4p raptor 1 was 10s3p so ten fewer cells. But yes, essentially the same wiring method

actually, about time i did another mass dump of esk8 parts that are collecting dust in my garage.

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Dump them my way if you want @onloop :wink: I made a DIY board from all the stuff you threw out last time :+1:

I’m in brisbane now… so probs little tricky for you to get here from Adelaide. 2000km road trip? :wink:

would tottaly like to skype call you and see what you have laying about :smiley:

I might do a garage sale one day…

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