BMS Wiring Help

So I ordered this BMS from Ebay,

I want to use this BMS for charging and I was wondering how to wire the balance plugs to this because it looks like only 5 wires run out of the board. Im gonna be running 2 6s batteries with a Torque Board VESC and 200kv 6734 motor.

If someone could help me by drawing a picture or explaining this it would be greatly appreciated!

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It has 5 wires because it gets the other 2 from the main - and + leads. There’s a wiring schematic on the ebay posting.

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Is using the main + and - leads from the battery the same as using the +and - leads from the balancing wires? So instead of using the + and - wires from the balancing wires can I just use the battery leads?

That’s how you should wire it. Main + and - to B+ and B- and then the 5 balance wires

Thank you so much! This helps alot!

Did this work? I ordered the same BMS as you. Did you need to wire also the leads of the balance cables? or you used only the main + and - leads?

Yes this worked perfectly! My BMS never failed on me yet (knock on wood). I don’t exactly remember how I wired it to the battery but I can get back with you later with some pictures.


some pictures would be great! I dont want to get it wrong.

Thank you

Do you mind waiting til this weekend for some pictures? I dont have tools on me and I have finals all week. Im so sorry!!!


Don’t worry, the weekend is fine. Good luck on the finals!