Bms wiring issues

Hello everyone. I have been doing research and bought this all recently. Is this the correct wiring setup. Yes I know this is a crappy photo and can upload a better photo later.

Can’t tell anything by a photo. You need to make a diagram of your wiring so we can check it.

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…then I f… know jack about electric diagrams. That thing is just space science to me. Best thing for people like myself, rely on a battery expert. Don’t pretend to be an Einstein. Let the experts (like @barajabali for example) handle these hook bag. :grimacing:

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It’s nearly impossible to follow any wire on that photo. Try a diagram of what you think is correct and post it.
But whatever you do. Take that away from that highly flammable rug

Is this better.

This is the diamgram I am using and this is the bms. @Namasaki @krloz oh and also just put it here because my workbench was to messy to spread it out.

I think your balance adapter is wrong. Your first wire bring b- should go to the first battery first wire Erich toy have loose. And then the last positive of the last battery would goo to the 9 balance wire. So you have to skip one wire position on all wires.
Three part where you skip the negative of batteries 2 and 3 is ok

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Also before pluggin it in for a test do ensure to do that on a safe fire resistant surface and not a hairy carpet.Also keep a metal container handy if you need to get rid quickly and a fire extinguisher too.

I see a lot of ‘is this wired right?’ threads on hairy carpets and I know someone’s gonig to win a Darwin award sooner or later


I guess I do not quite follow?

What about this?

Can you take a picture of the bms connector for balancing. I think I explained wrong

If you wrongly connect a bms it will just throw a small spark and thats it Ask me how I know it

If you get battery feed into the bms polarity wrong the bms will heat up very hot instantly with multiple lipos that’s a possibility

Hi, I have just a had a similar problem and wondering how I should fix it. I recently hooked up a hobby king 6s BMS to my two 3s batteries in series to charge them like this like this:

A few minutes later it was on fire. Did I wire it wrong? Or did I get the wrong BMS? Here is the schematic of the BMS:

I’m not currently at home, but the diagram for the bms I linked before is the bestech I have for a 9s

Your pencil diagram has lots of wrong in it

If your bms has a B- & a P- this diagram should help

Read read read

Anything about my diagram?

No anti-spark needed but lke this

Hi, I read the article, it was very helpful, but a few questions I have after reading them. One, it seemed in the first article that he was using the BMS to charge and discharge the batteries. Is it possible to only charge the batteries with that configuration? Two, he had seven balance ports on the BMS he had and on the BMS I had, I had only 6, do you know where the last balance cable goes?

From what I read from the articles you suggested me is that the wiring should look like this:

But in the diagram, there are only 3 balance cables per battery and I have 4 per battery. I know I ignore the second positive balance cable but where does the last balance cable go, the negative balance cable? If that doesn’t make sense then here is a diagram:

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It goes nowhere, it’s not used, a terminated wire. Ensure whatever is left cannot ground on anything

Awesome. Thank you for helping helping me figure this out.