BMS with 9s LIPO questions


I plan on using this BMS:

First off from what I have been reading I think I am okay using a 10s BMS for a 9s setup? Also if i am going to use a 9s LIPO setup what kind of charger should i use? 9s or 10s?

Does anyone have a link to a diagram with a charging port setup?



You’ll be fine, you will not use pin 10, that’s all. Charge only with 9s (37.8V output) charger.

so i am able to wire a 9s battery to a 10s BMS? do you happen to have a diagram?

It’s right there on the web page you linked to. No change but you don’t have the battery on the pin 9-10.

Would it work with this BMS as well?

Yes, BesTech would also work. Same conditions apply.

Just wondering if you were able to get the 10s bms to work with a 9s battery? I also have a 10s bms that I want to use for 9s battery. I only need the bms for charge only.

But if the BMS overcharge protection kicks in it doesn’t really matter if you use a 10s charger right? Bestech BMS are typically build for up to 12s but are only missing some parts/connections to function as a 12s