BMS with Lipo Batteries

Okay everyone I’m digging my first eboard it works wonders and it’s my commute for work :metal:t4: Here’s the thing, I’m using (3) 3s 25c 5000mah zippy batteries in series that I have to balance charge individually. Just bought a dual charger so I can atleast cut my charge time in half. It’s fine but I would really love to just plug it and charge it. So BMS would be the answer right ? Here’s a BMS and other stuff I’m looking at. What everyone thinks ?

You need a 9s BMS and charger for a 9s battery

Because I wouldn’t able to fit the balance port into the BMS because it’s for 10s right ?

At best it won’t work, at worst something will burn

you want a 9s battery but you ordering a 10s bms. I’d say go for 2 5s batteries.

Yes I’m really thinking about it. To bad hobbykings are out of stock of these. Just waiting for them to restock

BMS is the answer for convenient charging. My advice is, Don’t buy a cheapo bms. Buy a name brand like Bestech or Supower. The cheap no name brands have a nasty habit of failing. Some of the Bestechs come with a built in E-switch so you can have an on/off button switch.


amazon has them I think. I’d say 2 batteries instead of 3 because you have to hook them in series and the wiring is really annoying.

Bestech HCX-D190 comes in 9S and 10S configurations, but minimum order is 2 pieces, I think. There are periodically group buys for them. These are good for using the BMS for charging (not discharging via) also called bypassing it

Can you send me a link. I tried searching for them and can’t seem to find it

Yea I forsure need a convenient way. Already had the lipo bullet plugs spark on me TWICE by connecting them to series and accidentally connecting two lipos together, ended up burning the plugs the first time. Had to cut it and solder some new plugs to it. It scared the hell out of me now I’m EXTRA CAREFUL when connecting into series. Forsure getting a BMS I just need to do a little bit of more reading about it. I’m still kinda confused with BMS but I’ll figure it out

Also for the BMS I’m confused on the continuous current part. So for (3) 3s 25c 5000mah/ 25x5= 125a. 9s 33.3v 125a continuous current I need ? If (2) 5s 30c 8000mah/ 30x8= 240a. 10s 37v 240a continuos current I need ?

I’m confused with that part

Sparking on you is the best possible outcome. Other possible outcomes include damaged batteries, shorter battery life, and ridiculous fire-shooting packs that an extinguisher can’t put out.

Please be careful! Always know what you’d do if that happened. If you don’t know what you’d do, don’t touch it yet

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Thought you was talking about the 8000mah ones

Getting my batteries today and hoping to give BMS a try for the first time. Saw this on YouTube and wondering if this seems correct before I go at it. What’s your thoughts