Boa Constrictor REVIEWS WANTED

Hello there, I have two possible routes to go with wheels soon and I want some feedback… do the Boa constrictors ride as good and soft as 74 or 75a ABEC thane? Only interested in ride quality, these are purely for comfort!

I have the black and green abec 11 97mms and they feel very similar to the red boas. Weird thing is that boas are 83A, and abecs are 74A

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Interesting… so the boas soak up as much vibration as abecs?

Yep. But i’ll go with the Boas if i’m on a longer ride. I’m using it for my dual drive, where my 97s are on my single drive.

Input noted. Thank you man! These wheels are exciting

But do note, the Boas have a bit more urethane so it’s heavier than the 97s. I’ve not tried the 107mm Abecs so i can’t compare them. But i’d say in terms of weight the Boas will be similar to the 107s

Right on. Thank you! Yeah the 107s are heavy suckers for sure

Boa are offset while Abecs are centerset, offset wheels will always be heavier for the same width because the design calls for more thanes.

Another example is that the 85mm Cags (offset) are slightly heavier than my 90mm Arc wheels (centerset).

Yes the flywheels are center set, I believe superflys (107mm) are offset as well though.

I come from downhill longboarding as a background to this, so I can definitely appreciate the difference this makes, thank you!

My design always calls for more thanes​:wink::joy:

On a serious note, this is great because it should improve ride quality

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Have both and 100% agree here.

The kegel-style cores are physically stronger.

As far as wheels that are available to buy right now, I’d prefer the Boa.

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Indeed. I already have caguamas, but am upgrading my entire board and want some wheels that are better for rough pave and cruising so I can race the Caguamas and thrash them… I am thinking these are the way to go. Now, red or white? Is there a difference in quality?

White is better since that’s the natural state)

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They sold everywhere, anyone know where to get some, US preferred.

I think i remember reading on here sometime ago that different companies can call their different durometer products any number(within reason)… I think i saw it in a boa vs abec thread?

Can someone confirm :thinking:

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No. Durometer is a scientific measurement just like meters or watts.

But durometer is also very subjective to feel because of different urethane formulas. I’ve learned this from downhill wheels

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The feel of the ride is very subjective – but the durometer is definitely not. It’s a well-defined scientific measurement. I think there is another property of polyurethane that affects ride quality a lot, but I don’t know what it is. It might be what one manufacturer calls “rebound” but I’m not sure what that is without a definition.

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Manufacturers seem to make up their own duro number n not put it to a standardized test

Rebound gets u the long roll with low rolling resistance (more miles per watthour too). It’s test is the easier and the percent something will bounce back off a slab of the material being tested. . The test is more standardized than that but that’s the general test

With so much being subjective it’s probably safe to say any wheels made by aend industries are better! It would be a trade off n you can’t have durability n rebound and low duro but aend are known to make the best

Duro maybe measures the deformation by a force n rebound a measure of that energy lost to the material as heat or returned by the material when force removed. I think youd feel duro and only experience rebound in a long roll but not feel it


Is that why my flywheels bounce like a basketball and my clones drop like a rock?