Boa Constrictor REVIEWS WANTED

Was going to buy some wheels, but like a few others have said above, the white ones have been sold out for awhile

Thanks for the input! Appreciate it! boa would likely be my next set besides pneumatic.

@captainjez Any plans for new colors?

I am going to order a set as soon as white is back in stock.

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It really depends on the roads you have in your area. As much as I liked my thanes when the tarmac was good (10% of the time) I fell in love with pneumies the first time I tried them on an Evolve board. My commute is a 20km roundtrip and the roads involve cracks, road works, cobblestones and some pieces of tarmac so rough that will make your teeth fall off. I can now ride faster, a lot safer and my board will last a lot more due to the massive reduction in vibrations. There are downsides as you mentioned but the advantages outweigh them by a big margin (in my case).

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The efficiency of thane is very hard to argue with

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It depends. Imagine this situation with 100mm urethane wheels


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I’d roll that on Constrictors


You Sir, are a braver man than I am.

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I laugh at that puny thing you dare call an obstacle.

Gaps between tiles on a sidewalk are bigger than that in my country. Literally no other option than to use big pneumatic wheels…