Board and battery enclosure fitting help

Im about to order a 26" long and 8" wide squarish enclosure, and i really want this beautiful piece of art:

will it fit? anybody with this deck can take a ruler and check this for me? will appriciate that alot! thanks!

the deck is 9.75in wide and the wheelbase is 29in, you should be good to go. Beautiful deck.

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9.75" in the widest point… i took a ruler and larged the photo of the deck, made some proportion calculations and it seems to take exacly all the space possible… maybe need to trim the edges. still waiting for an answer from somebody that have this deck… thanks!

That’s an amazing deck. Should be a really nice finished product, be sure to upload your work :slight_smile:

they want 120$ shipping to israel :frowning: what the hell? should cost max 60$! nobody else sells that deck… maybe ill get this instead: same shape more or less, and i think will fit better to the battery pack. but that honey deck is still amazing. dont know if worth the extra cash. waiting for a mail from them about the shipping price. but as i think about it more, the madrid deck is very decent one also.

Honestly, I’d go with a smaller enclosure or a different deck because you’ll likely have the corners of the enclosure hanging over the cutouts. I have a similar sized enclosure and had a tough time finding a board that fit.

Here is my enclosure on a sector 9 meridian which is 9.75" wide and 30.5" wheel base.

Finished product. Just barely fit and this deck was 9.75 wide all the way to the cutouts…the honey deck narrows before the cutouts.


thanks for the info mate. its exactly 26" on 8"? if you will take a ruler it will help me alot. already ordered the enclosure, but i think the madrid one will fit slightly better. - photo for reference. more or less the same, but the neck look alittle wider at the “deck” part. also i dont care about trimming the edges. your setup works well? in the last photo it looks good! also you are happy with the drop-through? im thinking top-mount for this…

Make sure the board is stiff enough that it doesn’t bend under your weight.

My enclosure is exactly 26.5 x 7.5 Not really a fan of the drop through…I actually made this board for my wife. I prefer top mount kick tail boards.

thanks, so I belive it will fit the madrid. how can i make sure the board is stiff enough? i want alittle bit of flex in my ride, and im sure its not more flexy than the evolve bamboo gt which also have a lithium battery underneath…

Evolve’s batteries are designed to flex…yours probably will not be. A little flex is ok (meaning barely noticeable) much more and you’re asking for trouble.

I’m a bit worries about saying this, don’t wanna get blamed if someone melts there enclosure. But…

I usually out a piece of cardboard or a towel on my deck the clamp the enclosure down where I want to mount it and hit the ends with the heat gun. This makes the enclosure slightly reform it’s curve to fit a board perfectly.

WARNING!!! There is a very fine line between getting the plastic soft enough to shape and ending up with a puddle if plastic goo, so do this at your own risk.

you made me afraid of the flex there… after thinking maybe this:

is a better idea?

Haha! I do the same on the corners. Almost melted the first enclosure I tried it on.

I deformed one a little bit by keeping the heat on it too long, but I was able to go back and fix it after it cooled.

That deck should be good to go for size and stiffness.

ordered it. now waiting for all my stuff to arrive.

Is that 26.5 exterior or interior? I’m thinking of getting this board if its long enough