Board cutting out during acceleration

Hey all,

So I recently got my E-board up and running but I am experiencing power loss upon acceleration. When throttling up on the nunchuck it will consistently accelerate to a certain speed then start to lag/cut out.

Running 10s with a 190kV motor. 12:40 ratio with 97mm thanes.

Took a couple pics of my BLDC tool. I feel like I have a few settings wrong given my setup.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

The issue is your remote if you experience a immediate power loss. So if the power drops out and back on like a on off switch then your remotes signal drops out. Nothing you can fix by VESC settings. Just try to place your receiver at a better place (not near phase wires, not inside a carbon enclosure)

See if you can go into the terminal and type faults, see if anything comes up. Also, post up a screenshot or two of the realtime graphs, see if you can catch it acting funny.

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Yea its immediate. I noticed it act a little better when I hung my hand with the nunchuck lower towards the deck of the board. Besides readjusting the location of my RX, any other known methods of boosting the bluetooth signal coming from the TX/RX?

Also, is the -70A regen too high for my batteries? I got 2 5s 5Ah Lipos in series

no fault codes when I ran it earlier today… I can get it hooked up to the real-time graph in about an hour, I’m away from the board at the moment. Do you have any idea how much Voltage can drop under load?

Your battery cut off might be too high it’ll hit 37V at cont load Drop both values 2V, test

The nunchuck is known for dropping out under load. I guarantee that a new remote (like the mini from @JLabs) will solve your problem

Hey I think you were right, I was having too much voltage sag and when I would accelerate too fast it would dip too low and reset the VESC. I switched my cutoff start to 33V (3.3v per cell) and that did the trick!

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same issue, my board was working fine for months but now im having drop outs at random, accelerating and braking…

If your running Li-ions, you should be able to go lower than 33v.

Nah I’m runnin LiPos. 3.3 is ok for them right?

I’d raise it to atleast 3.5. 3.3 is a bit low for lipos

I agree with @GrecoMan 3.3 is low for Lipos because you can not go below 3.0 on any cell. If you let the vesc take your battery down to 33 total, it could have a cell go below 3.0. I run my cutoff start at 34v with Lipos buy I also monitor my voltage with a meter mounted through the deck and I never ride it below 36v (although I did once to do a range test) and most of the time I don’t ride it below 38v at rest. But then again, I’m a recreational rider not a commuter.

I am absolutely sure that this was not the issue. The battery cutoff start and end works very smooth. So you would nit experience a immediate cutout. And the VESC doesn’t restart, it simply reduces the power until the voltage is ok again.

Think what you experienced was simply a run without remote cutouts.

@Ackmaniac I don’t think his vesc was resetting, just hit hitting the low voltage slowdown thus not accelerating

Unless his voltage dropped so fast that it hit 37and within 1 second hit 35 so that the vesc started to cut power and then shut down.

It only shuts down below 8V (Minimum input voltage)

I see, but loss controller connection would make it shut down either though right ?

You know at first he said it was just lagging and cutting out. Later he said the vesc was reseting. So I’m wondering if it was reseting or just cutting back.

Thanks @GrecoMan @Namasaki for the input on the cutoff I’ll raise it 1 or 2 volts to play on the safe side.

I’ve only went on one ride around the block today with the new settings saved, I’ll check back in when I have spent some more time on the board.

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loss of connection would result in a immediate power loss (like on-off). No shut down. Only the command for power is missing