Board cutting out under acceleration and (sometimes) braking

Does it happen when you are braking as well?

It happened one time when I was braking kinda hard.

It’s mostly cutting out under acceleration though

Well if it is happening when you are braking it could be that the batt regen is to high for a full charge. If you post your settings that would help everyone try to figure it out

Sounds good. I’ll post them when I get home

please verify the absolute current limit setting is set well above the battery and motor current limit settings.

I’ll check them when I get home. I haven’t touched it but my motor max per motor is 60amps. Also with abs over current doesn’t it throw a fault? Or are there instances where it would cause the vesc to reboot?

my limited understanding is with 60a motor limit, the vesc will “try its best” to keep it under 60a motor— but if it “accidently” allows 61a motor for a split second, and you have your absolute limit set to 60a, this might possibly lead to a power cut-out.

I never messed with the absolute max amps setting so I’m assuming it’s whatever the default is, (I think it’s 130 amps?)


you could also try bypassing the bms to determine whether the bms is responsible for causing the cutouts…

let me know if you need a screenshot of anything else. i think ive narrowed it down to the connection between the board and remote as it showed up the further i walked away from the board. not 100% sure though.

My gt2b has a mod I got off ebay, can’t remember the name of the mod lol, but I bought the case with screws here:

I re-positioned the antenna so it sticks out of the remote’s enclosure to see if that helps. I’ll keep you guys posted

Hey guys I stuck the antenna outside of the gt2b enclosure and so far the cutouts are 100% gone. I’ll test on a fully charged battery but it surprised me that the gt2b was having connectivity issues🤔

That’s weird. I have three boards using that remote and never had connectivity issues. You are not using anything carbon fiber right?

Also did you wrap that metal gold piece of the antenna in electrical tape? Maybe that was touching something inside and causing your cutouts?

I had an issue recently possibly due to using split ppm and dual receivers. Once I went canbus the problem went away

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Yeah it was in electrical tape lol I had the whole thing wrapped up. Might’ve been part of the issue

I basically just wrapped the wire up in electrical tape and it was pressing up agains the transmitter board with nothing to insulate it. I noticed there are some little contacts down there, and I’ll bet it was touching those. You might have just found the problem!

Thanks for the help guys, just did a full charge yesterday and no problems so far! I’ll keep you guys posted and I’m posting a build log later of all the different iterations I’ve gone through

Small update: the issue persists. Since then I have upgraded to the baby buffalo mod, which uses the gt2b’s steering pot instead of the throttle, and the failsafe is a little weird. I’m still having issues with this enclosure, I even bought a new remote and put in new internals and it’s still an issue. I made sure none of the antennas are shorting out against anything. Anyone ave any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been dealing with this ever since I switched to the GT2B and I really wanna get to the bottom of it