Board/deck Re-build!

Hey guys, I havent been on the forum in a while (working all the time sucks) but i finally got a new beast of a battery pack and I am going to re-do my setup. I currently have one belt driven Tacon bigfoot 110 motor driven by an enertion VESC. My current board I hand made but I need a different deck design to accommodate the new pack. Also I need to re-do my GT-2B mod as the battery isnt staying charged.

Below are some pictures of my current build along with the new pack.

I do not plan on adding another VESCX or motor yet but I think I will change the mount to a fabricated one as the one pictured moves occasionally. The new pack is built from samsung 25r cells and is a 3p13s with 7.5ah and 60a continuous discharge. It was built by a friend of mine, he put in a bluetooth bms and included a meanwell charger. Let me know if you would want a pack from him, he can build just about any size and shape you want.

The main redesign of the board will be how the components fit into the deck. I plan to make my own deck so I am open to suggestions on deck shapes and how yall recess your internals. The pack will stick out the bottom no mater what so I plan to make a fiberglass shell to encase it. I will post updates on the deck build and how I set up everything. If i have the cash I may add lights and a battery readout.