Board/equipment concealment and protection

Here is a scenario; you wake up and realize you don’t have milk for your cereal. No problem though, right? It is just a 5 mile skate away. There is only one issue, the part when you AREN’T skating. You get to the store with your longboard, knee and elbow pads, full face helmet, etc. You can’t just walk into the store with a full face helmet on! And lugging the board around in there is a pain. What do you do?

This is the predicament I’m in now. I want to use the board for errands, but I don’t know what to do with all my stuff. I’ve been looking around desperately for a bag that will suit all of my quirky, but to little. I did find this, a telescope bag, which is pretty much perfect. Padded interior, plenty of room for all or my stuff, including charger, helmet, board, and everything else. The one downside, which may be unavoidable, is that it can’t be folded or rolled up, and being as large as it is, skating with it might be an issue. I was wondering how you guys deal with this, as it seems like a lot of you don’t have this problem.

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Why don’t you get a back-pack that you can hook your board on to when you’re not riding? Then you could just clip your helmet to it or just carry it…

I just carry everything every wheres with me. If I don’t need to take my helmet off, I just leave my helmet on and just flip my visor up when I run errands.

Why not just hook your helmet on your backpack? I usually leave the board at customer service or just put it on the shopping cart

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Cause it can hit things or people. in SF, rent is expensive. Everything is crammed and small, so much so that your often shoulder to shoulder with people, whether in a cafe, a liquor store, or even cvs or walgreens.

This is a legit problem. I stuff pads and remote into a backpack and put the helmet and board in a shopping cart. If there’s no shooting cart I drag the board behind me on two wheels. It works ok.


Yeah that’s the correct way to carry an esk8


thanks for the ideas. I’m right now trying to decide between a skating backpack and that telescope bag. The skating backpack is pretty sleek and easy to ride with, but can’t fit my big, full face helmet and I worry about the board being to big and heavy for the buckle. On the other hand, the telescope bag is plenty big, can carry all of my gear and more, but is an awful pain to ride with and would be hard to get around a store with. What do you guys think?

I’ve been looking at easy release rifle slings and guitar straps. Along with the related mounting hardware. Just a idea.

That’s a good idea, but what about all the gear? Would you just carry it with you?

I usually ride with a small pack, so I can stash my safety gear, and maybe a hoody.