Board for sale possibly bring to sweden?

Hey there just wanted to put this up before I left for Sweden for the holidays. This was just a project build/learning/for fun but now broke experiment and I do not need it. If this sells i still have enough parts for one more skateboard and I am realizing I went a little crazy than I should have when I was getting into this. List of parts below make me an offer. Looking for 800ish but tis the season so if your looking for parts here ya go.

Blank deck 42in AXEL VESCs 6374 190Kv DIY Motor mounts 16/36 pulleys 83 mm flywheel clones 12s lipo Antispark Diy Mini remote charger and parallell balancing board

I will post pictures soon when I get home

Interested in anti-spark, ship to NYC?

trying not to part things out but give it a few days and ill get back to you :slight_smile:

What colors are the wheels?

I’m in Sweden and might be interested in some parts. Do you have pictures and detailed specs?

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white wheels, black deck, black motor, it looks pretty clean and stealthy

What brand is the motor? The LiPo? Charger?

The motor is the sensored 6374 stealth motor from the group buy here on this forum, so I don’t know the specfic brand but its a really nice motor windings look really clean and neat. the lipo are 3 4s zippys and the charger is a really nice one I don’t have it in here with me but it’s not a cheap one. i probably spent 100 on it from a local hobby store.

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how much is motor mount and pulley kit with shipping within sweden?