Board Fried? Or VESC/BMS volt spike overcharge protection?

Hi I just got a board went down hill with full battery. Board suddenly shut off and refuses to turn on again. However, whenever I press the power button, power light comes on, but when I remove finger, power light goes off

Board refuses to turn on. It doesnt seem like theres any electrical component fried from the picture.

Therefore, I am guessing it is a software problem where my vesc has voltage surge protection on? How do I reset VESC?

Help needed and thanks in advace


My first though is why you would go down hill with a battery charged fully at 4.2 volts per cell? Can you read any error codes off the VESC?

Thanks for your reply @chuttney1 How do u know if it is 4.2V per cell just from the picture?

I havent got a VESC to usb cable yet, this board was pre-made. Should I get a cable or is there other ways to remedy?

The photo doesn’t show it, but this is common knowledge one you understand what a cell’s maximum and minimum voltage. Absolute max voltage of a lithium cell is 4.2 volts unless otherwise stated by the manufacture. I don’t know how many cells in series your battery is. You said you “went down hill with full battery,” this says 4.2V per cell to me.

Well, that explains what is in the photo. Who made it? With pre-made, this is a different story and does not use a VESC controller unless stated by seller. I own a premade regarding experience. If the ESC doesn’t have an usb connection port there’s not much I know you can do unless you’re good at diagnostics stuff with an oscilloscope, but that’s for experts. I will have others chime in so it is not help from one person. They might know something that I don’t.

Just for reference, VESC uses a USB mini-b cable which I think you have if you have a stockpile of old cables.

@chuttney1 It has no usb jack whatsoever. I thought I could hook it up with the 4pin connector or something. Looks like I do need some special help then

I experienced this problem where you push the button and the power comes on but when you release the button the power goes off.

I’m betting you have a faulty button switch.

I’m currently using this one and it has been dependable.

@Namasaki thanks for your input bro. But I doubt it is a faulty switch? if it is so then I would able to connect to it while holding the button down and keeping light on. However, with light on and button held down, board is not technically on as I cant connect to it too

@Namasaki @chuttney1 Hi my board is the Onan here:

Any help on this?

@1tczx - this looks really similar to Landwheel, but not a simple re-badge.

Your best bet is to contact Onan for support. You likely have a warranty, and messing with it too much might void it. I would go through troubleshooting they walk you through, and not mess with it otherwise.

It’s not a VESC, at least what i read on site, and see in the picture above. VESC is specific to Vedder’s ESC = VESC. Just an ESC (electronic speed controller).

Good luck!

Thanks for the help guys appreciate it!

You can see the ESC in the picture. This is not a Vesc and I think you just overcharged your batteries and the ESC has some sort of over voltage protection. So as soon as you try to switch it on, it´s switching off to prevent any damage. Best would be to hook you batteries on an Multimeter and see whats going on.

@TarzanHBK thanks for the tips. Should’nt I be hooking my multimeter to the ESC instead of the battery? I have tried draining the battery a little too will that help?