Board got stuck on full throttle with no brakes! What could cause this? (Related story: Slid my e-skate for the first time!)

Had the same “full throttle” thing happen to me! Was a bad connection, the reciever to vesc cable…just replaced it. Also as mentioned adjust your throttle trim to the correct point, iv found if you have it set at too much throttle and not enough brake even the slightest movement on throttle turns in to way too much throttle and just continues to gain speed. There’s a sweet spot your know when you’ve found it. On my master cho moded gt2b it’s with the arrow pointed between 12 and 1o’clock.


@jmasta great write up and story! Makes me want to improve my slide skills. I’m not sure I would have reacted as well. I think I would have tried foot braking and then rolled off to a knee slide (I wear knee pads).

In all my esk8 riding I’ve never had a signal drop or error w GT2B. I set failsafe, so I wonder if I’ve ever had a drop and not noticed.

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Haha they may slide like soap, but that is UHMW-PE. Vintage 2009. :joy: Lightweight, low coefficient of friction, and nearly bulletproof. That’s not even an exaggeration… NASA uses the same material for radiation shielding

Thanks! To be honest, at speeds above ~20mph, I am much more confident sliding. That may be because when footbraking, I always pivot my front foot so it’s parallel with the board. The guys I know that footbrake at 50mph tend to keep their front foot in position

And now that I think about it… I don’t know if I could overpower that SK3-6374 motor stuck at max throttle, with just the sole of my shoe. That motor is powerful

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“Loopkey acessible from topside” I liked this idea so I added one to my board. With this design I can access from both sides.


Great thinking. I’m going on/off switch and planned to mount it on the side of my enclosure towards the back for easy accessibility in a pinch. I think I’ll add some sort of marking on my grip tape so I’ll know exactly where to reach for if I ever need to.

I set up the fail safe on my gt2b to coast when connection is lost with the remote, this works fine as when I turn off the remote whilst holding the throttle, the motors stop spinning after 1 second. However, if I leave the remote off and the board on for some time (im guessing 1-2 minutes) all of a sudden the motors will start to spin again?! This almost caught me off guard one time on a dock, luckily the board was upside down (phew).

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Is there a way to fix this?

tip eat a potato

Daaang, that’s some scary stuff! That’s why I intend to be very careful with the failsafe code on my custom Arduino-based receiver. I want it to cut to neutral throttle if anything at all disconnects. After reading this thread I realise it’ll be a good idea to also have a manual safety switch or loopkey (that physically disconnects the battery) on the side of the board as a backup to the software failsafe. I’m no stranger to speed (I rollerblade at some pretty high speeds sometimes and thoroughly enjoy it) but I see no reason to make that speed any more dangerous than it already is. I’m happy to go flying through a rough gravel patch or bounce off a speed bump at high speed on my blades but if I can’t see if a car is about to appear from around a corner there’s no way in hell I’m going down that hill.

But I guess most people would have a similar opinion.

Very similar thing happened to me with an identical set-up:

VESC v4.12 (2.18 firmware) FS-GT2B Remote (stock) SK3-6374 149kV @ 12S 14:27 gearing on 69mm wheels

I inevitably rode over a metal plate that was spanning across a bridge. The impact (similar to riding over a larger crack in the ground) caused my board to stop responding to my transmitter. I turned it off then back on; board was riding fine again. I approached a second bridge with another metal plate spanning across it. This time I rode over it at a lower speed to minimize the impact. The board reacted the opposite way… it went full throttle and wouldn’t stop.

I did have the timeout feature on my VESC set to 1 second, but that didn’t seem to kick in. I was unaware of a “fail safe” feature on the GT2B. Good to know!

People on this site have been telling me that the cable between the VESC and receiver got loose which caused my board to go rogue.

Glad to know you’re okay!