Board isn’t performing like it should

Hi guys, My new board has recently been assembled and it isn’t get the performance it should. It has 2 torque boards 80A 260kv motors which I think r 4000W each max. Also it is running two vesc 2.0 and a 12s2p battery from torque boards. The wheels r 200mm. The hearing ration is 16T:72T. So I plugged these numbers into the vesc tool and started increasing the brake power and throttle curve along with the calculated Erpm max and A max. I still need to change the A from 50:60 to 80:80 for the motors and battery draw however last time I increased it there was no noticeable difference. The board doesn’t have torque and seems really fast but calcs say it should go 54 whereas I have gone 40 and thing it will probably not accelerate past 45. Lastly it doesn’t want to go faster than 22mph at 30% or below. Any ideas what I can do to increase the torque? And improve the speed at low battery power?

test the power output with a voltmeter ensure the battery is putting out enough valts and amps for 45 and dual motors.

Then you need to test the motors and ESC.

you can do this with either a second ESC or motors to figure out which part is faulty.

This is most likely the battery or ESC if both motors spin at same speed.

I don’t know what cells you have in that battery, but 80 A batt max is too high for a 12s2p pack and your cells might overheat and get permanent damage, plus, they probably can’t even put out that high of a current.

Edit… If you have two motors and set current to 80 batt amps, that means you try to pull a total of 160 amps from your battery. No good. If you have 30q or 25R cells in your pack, batt max per vesc should be 15-20 A max.


you do have way too small P count for a dual drive with 200mm wheels.


What is p count?

/ torque boards says 12s2p battery can handle 80a output so could I set 40a battery pull and 40a motor pull?

How exactly do you test the ESC? I don’t fully understand that part.

Yeah that’s a negatory cheif. No way a diyelectric pack can handle 80a w 2p… You proabably have 40a max with 2p, and it would be the panasonic lion cells if you didn’t select 30q 🤷

E: I misread the vendor, but corrected my thoughts to show for it


Ok thanks very much. So I’m still kinda new to this. I have a dual setup so on each individual vesc do I set the motor pull and battery pull to 40:40 or 20:20 on each vesc?

image image These are two photos of the battery pack. It says 30A continuous output 80a max. So what should me exact vesc setting for the motor pull and battery pull be per vesc?

20 20 on each vesc, or 15 15 if you want to conserve a little power and save it for extending the range a little

Ok thanks! Will that improve my torque or braking issue at all. Also for strong brakes should I set it close to the battery output Amps so 20 on each vesc?

Increasing your motor max current will increase your torque…be careful and play with vesc settings within your limits

What the specs sais is that the bms can handle 80A peak and 30A continuously…

The 30q cells will give you 40A max in this configuration (2p). So, considering you are running discharge through BMS, which has a 30A limit, set each esc to 15A batt max.

To increase low end torque, set motor max higher. Try upping this setting until you’re satisfied, A 70 A motor max will make the total available watts (650 W) usuable from 21-100% on your throttle.

Edit didn’t consider dual motors and 12s…


p count = how many cells in parallell configuration in your battery. Your battery has 12 cells in series and 2 cells in parallell, which gives you 12 times 2 cells in total. This increases voltage times 12 and total amp output and total capacity (Ah) times two.

More cells in parallell and series will increase max watts.

Awesome, thanks for the help. However I have already done some settings similiar to that and it doesn’t have the specs like I think it should. So I’m thinking of the testing the battery and ESC. And idea how to test the ESC?

no they cant continuously maybe for 2-3 seconds they can

You have 650 W available per motor. You have huge wheels and a relatively high kv motor. I wouldn’t expect torque to be terrifying on this build.

On the other hand I myself don’t have any real life experience from 200 mm wheels with 270 kv motors and a 2p battery, so don’t know what torque that’d be capable of.

Not sure what you mean by testing the ESC… You mean if it’s faulty or not?

Get a better battery and ESC and you’ll get many times more torque. You can’t get more watts than your battery can provide and speed controller can handle. Up both of these you’ll get better torque.

Yah I want to see if it is faulty ESC