Board not working

I recently built a diy board and charged up a 3200mah 3s 11.1v battery and went to test the motor for the first time, and the motor did a couple rotations then spun out. I was using a on off switch from that fed into a vesc then a 190kv motor. Anyone know the problem?

Did you run detection and configure the VESC parameters? Post BLDC tool pics please.

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I will when I get to my computer

which do I select for connecting the VESC?

Whichever connects, haven’t you done this before?

Nevermind, the window on the mac messed up so I couldn’t see the connections, I’m connected, what do I do now?

The VESC is a sensitive device for which you shouldn’t just slap it on a build and use without configuring it reading the do’s and don’ts first. Please check this out before trying to use the VESC

Got it, thanks