Board on full throttle after 2mm [HELP]

Hello there,

I currenty build my first DIY board but i have yet again some issues. I’m not sure how to extend the throttle curve. Currently the Motor spinns at full speed after about 2-3mm of movement. Thats 1/3 of the thumbwheel. How to i extend the curve so full throttle is only when the wheel is at the end? (Same basically for the brakes)

Vesc 4.12

TB 6374


What infos do you need if any?

Did you adjust your pulswith according to your remote? I mean did you go through the ppm wizard?

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Can you show screenshots of the PPM mapping and PPM Throttle curve?

yes. Brake is 100. Full throttle is 100 and nothing ~0. by ppm wizard you mean “Setup Input”?

@Jarno Here you go.

EDIT : I played a bit with the throttle curve but from hearing it, it didn’t change anything major.

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Exactly this. Which remote you use? Do you have different speed modes, and if yes in which you made the confirmation?

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I’m guessing you are not standing on you board while trottling? I think it may be that once your motor starts running without a real load it can go to max ERPM with a small current i.e. not max trottle. Can you try to do a duty sweep (Experimental tab) and see what happens?

I use the 2.4ghz Nano remote. I don’t have different speed mode, but i want them if possible. A seperate reverse function would be cool too. (Not the Boosted board style)

To do this make the trottle curve this: image

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correct. It was an empty load while testing it out.

duty sweep just “clicks” as if the Motor is unsensored and doesn’t know which way to go.

Can you try the other tests?

Do you test the speed on a “bench” setup or while riding the board?

With a VESC you typicly control power (current) and not the speed, like a real car.

So you may reach the max speed of your setup with half throttle/power, but on full throttle your acceleration is faster.

But as some already mentioned, you can also modify the power gain per % on the remote by software.

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all 3 do the same

My only way to test it is to unplug it and take it outside (not now because it starts raining) Or inside my room where i can move 1 1/2 Meters.

What everyone is trying to say is that if there is nobody standing on the board when you push the throttle (the wheels are not on the ground), it will always go full speed no matter your position on the throttle.

So it’s not this one? image

Reverse is no problem, just change your drive mode in the vesc settings to current reverse with breaks. Don’t nail me on the exact naming.

Yes, thats the one.

I only can use reverse modes with the boosted style of reverse (Which i don’t like) or no reverse at all.

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So i have to adjust the throttle curve and stand on the board the maybe see a difference.

How about Reverse and Speed modes? The remote itself has a seperate reverse button and a speed mode switch mode i don’t know if i can program these.

What you mean with it? You want to go reverse only after switching the button?

Now you have speed modes? :thinking::joy: Make sure you did the mapping in the fast mode.

yes, i only want throttle and brake on the thumbwheel. Activating Reverse via the button.

The remote has a switch for speed modes. It doesn’t make any difference between those 2.


Did you do the setup in fast mode? This needs to be done!