Board really slow.. After build

Hi Guys,

Wondering if I could pick your brains. I’ve looked at at few posts here but I am very new to this whole thing so thought I might ask diredt to my set up. I have a 320kv Brushless motor with 90mm wheels going to a 15t motor pulley and a 36t wheel pulley.x2 11.4 2200mah bat’s and one of those Chinese esc rated at 6s. I had read that possably the esc is for hub motors and may be limiting the speed however I took my build directly from a YouTube video and the guy was getting around 15mlh where as I’m barley breaking 10 on a slight slope.

Any thought would be great I’m listening ha.

Thanks in advance Jake

Your battery may not be supplying enough amps. What configuration are you using?

Tha ks for the reply. 11.1v 2200mah 30c in series.

What size are your motors?

Should be all in the post but they are 320kv motors.

Oh I mean measurements? Can you link the video? Also are they the same as in the video?

Oh sorry don’t mind me I’m no expert ha.

That’s the video link and all the parts are linked off in the description. Speed test at the end. I used the same esc same motor same battery’s. The only thing different is the motor pulley and wheel pulley. Which is 15 and 36t. use this it will give you your speed. Can I see a picture of you build?

It’s saying about 18 to 22 mph roughly so should be getting more. Il go take a pic now one sec.

Build pics

u need to run 10s or 12s. 6s is good for going slower. or use vesc, cheap esc cant be tweaked. get vesc and set ramping to 0.1 sec.

Thanks for your input so a quick fix would be getting my board on relation to vesc you have any cheaper recommendations. Thanks

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Cheaper is to build your own vesc but I have not tried it yet. Good idea tho will try soon

Wait you don’t need to go 10s your belt is too loose. That’s why the torque can’t get to the wheels make sure to get good tension on the belt. Should feel like a rubber band when stretched. But yes 6s is not good for inclines with that esc get a vesc.

It’s defo not tightened enough having issues getting the stretch on it. No good for hills alright maybe a combo of both would be an upgrade.

Hmm either get a smaller belt or the correct motor mount and belt combination. Where are you located?

In Ireland. Have a 265 5m belt

Ok I think all you need is to change the motor mount to get this going where did you get the pulley’s from?

Try this mount it gives you more space to move the motor to get the belt tension correct. The rest of the stuff looks fine. Secure the electronics down with double side tape or glue.

my enertion raptor 2.05 keeps throtling and im not sure what to do somtimes im going 50kmh and others im going 10kmh

I had to reconfigure everything in vesv tool ( got the flipsky vx2) anf thats when it happend