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Hello members,

I’m new in the forum and sharing board rebuild. I’m from the tropical country Singapore.

While waiting for my VESCs to arrive somewhere around end-July, i had decided to rebuild my board. Hope to have some improvement feedbacks and comments from the local members.

Meetup for any members live in Singapore?? PM me.

On the top side of the board, I made a canal for the hiding the wires and an opening for a battery display. The reason the the bigger canal around the display is to avoid any accident cut of the grip paper with penknife to the wires. The wires will be push aside to the right side leaving a safe passage for cutting the grip paper.

This is how it looks like from the back side of the board. I chamfered about 5mm of material away to let the battery indicator display enclosure to sit in.

The battery indicator enclosure sit in perfectly.

I had cut out a clear 1mm thickness plastic sheet for the hole.

Painted the hole opening black colour.

Time to shoulder the wires together.

Test the wire connection with the battery supply.

Using super glue, I glued the wire to position.

I masked the board with masking tape in preparation to apply silicon into the canal.

I cutted a 1mm thickness clear sheet for the side of the hole. its very easy to slice the clear sheet with penknife, so I didn’t bother to trim it until I had applied the silicon.

Applying a nail silicon glue, very fast cured silicon.

Spreading the glue and into any can be seen physically.

This is how it look like after i took off the masking tape with the silicon still semi-cured.

I put some wood fillings on the this particular area because the silicon sink abit after fully cure. The wood fillings make this area flat.

I decided to use the nail silicon glue to seal the battery indicator box.

Time to install the grip paper. To position the hole, I first cut out the hole in the grip paper. It will be easy to do it this way for alignment.

Cutted the grip paper and insert in the new locking nuts. The canal is not deep enough, some portions of the wire can still be physically seen.

I using some form material to create a water/air seal to my new dual VESC enclosure.

Adding some portion with additional forms because of the curve board. The VESC enclosure base is FLAT.


Glue the protection clear sheet.

Not perfect but I like it… :slight_smile:

Final look at completion.

NOW, waiting for the VESC and may need the members help to setup and tune the VESC.

FYI, some basic fact on my setup for current and new. *I had hit maximum 50 km/h on my previous setup (Change the rubber stabilizer to 80SHA hardness for better handling high speed) *Battery capacity is 8S10AH.0 *Motors are 320KV

Please leave any comments :slight_smile:


Very sweet man!!

Full diy, very similar to @longhairedboy’s wire channels and @whitepony’s builds if you wanna check them out.

It’s even better with the griptape lining up the LCD in the perfect spot :grinning:

Edit: just looking it over, you are going to have an insanely high top speed with those 320kv motors; highest I’ve seen people use is 290, I just may be concerned with how your vesc handles it.

They may be better on 6s, but 8s should give you a better start since they are already at a really high disadvantage with their kv rating. Just a thought!

Thanks Cmatson for the feedback… I have no ideas on how does the VESC will handle the motor at all… Just go with the flow :slight_smile:

I may need a lots of help on the vesc setup… I guess


Just follow the “vesc faq” found by typing that in the search box.

It will have a bunch of threads about motor detections, setting it for your battery, connecting two together, etc.

There are also youtube videos in a lot of the threads, but feel free to ask if you’ve got anymore questions!

Hey! I am in Singapore too. where do you ride? I would be very curious to see your board.

nice job! :grinning:

Hi @laurent78

Unfortunately you have to wait until my VESCs are shipped here (end July) to setup ready to rock and roll. It will be likely somewhere in early Aug you will be able to see my eboard running again. I had stripped off the old esc that were giving me some safety problems. For my own safety, I decided to get the new VESCs to try it. Now the board is in the store room :slight_smile:

I skate only east coast usually late in the night because less people riding, for i like to go max out 40~50 km/h. I think I need to set a speed limit to the motors if the VESC has such function:worried:

We can keep in touch buddy.

@whitepony thanks:sweat_smile:

hey Patrick! quite fast man! really impressed by your speed and your building, I chicken out at 35km/h, my board is too flex and it seriously vibrated. currently this is my first build and I need to redo a lot of things, my casing is really bad. I ride on the park connector from potong pasir to bishan.


Sweet!!! Besafe and wear full protection always buddy…

Like your set up :arrow_up:. Very crafty and smooth. Keep up :arrow_up: the :+1: good work.

Thanks… Just wondering now if the vescs can be setup and configure using back my current motors and 8s10ah battery…

Where’d you get the handle from?

its just a very normal door handle… i wrap it with some rubber thingy so that my hand will not hurt :slight_smile: