Board reversed direction all on its own

So I ride to the store, and I turn off the remote, and put in pocket. I usually leave board on, and hope to drag it fast enough not to shut off. So good so far. So, I get outside, and fire up the remote. I hop on and hit throttle slightly. It is going in reverse. Turning off, then back on the remote didnt help. So, I turned off board, and back on. Luckily it is in right direction.

I thought that the rules were burned into the vesc. How can WITHOUT turning off board, can it flip run direction?

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That depends on the remote. If its a button remote, it could had possibly switched to reverse while it was in your pocket (usually this is only possible if you have a switch for reverse mode). If it’s a thumb remote with a thumb slide for reverse, probably something hit it to reverse and you turned it on.

These were my issues when it happened to me.

Even if the remote is off, the switch remotes will activate as reverse when it’s turned back on. Other than that, you got me.

I programmed the vesc with NO reverse.

You got me there. That’s pretty rare.

Further evidence. Problem solved. I taped my three wires separately. Then bunched. Thinking that any shorting, would blow. One wire had backed out some. And so, intermittent stutter etc. Then it quit on that motor. So, earlier when you start out hitting throttle, and it starts on bad phase, it can continue going backwards.

So, it was a fluke, based on bad phase wire contact.

Nice to know.