Board shutting down at random interval?

Hello! I have been making electric skateboards as a hobby and have been mildly succesfull making my own board using an 10s3p batterypack. Recently I have been helping my friend to also make him an similar electric skateboard, with the only difference being he has an 10s6p batterypack. After testing we have found out that his boards shuts down sometimes without any clear reason why. It should be able to drive alot further than it currently does i think, maybe this has something to do with the power difference? See image below:

The esc my friend and I are both using:

Thank you in advance for replying!

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yeah, a 10s6p should go twice as far as a 10s3p, so you may have an issue.

‘shuts down sometimes’ does not really mean anything that we can help you diagnose the fault.

The main power cables from the battery do look quite thin, thin wires will struggle to get all the volts to the ESC, so could cause shut-downs. Or a loose connection, or some other fault.

Just to confirm, have you bypassed the BMS? (Batteries connected directly to ESC)

And have you looked at the voltage indicator when it is having trouble?

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Ah yes i think i will check the power cables! sorry for the confusion, the board appears to shut down after a few minutes of heavy use (30km/h). after that it doesnt turn on anymore until plugged into the power outlet. The voltmeter usually jumps from 42 to 39volts when this happens. The battery is connected to a bms on the leftside next to the esc, so no bypass.

Thank you very much for the help!

It’s recommended to bypass your BMS for skating. As the current levels (and spikes) can cause BMS issues/shutdowns. The BMS is really there to balance your cells, so as long as your charge goes through it, you will see if you have a problem with your cells, as your charger won’t work, but at least you’ll make it home.

I put a fuse a bit larger than my maximum ‘battery constant current’, just in case of a problem, this can fail, but if I have issue with my cells or BMS, then it won’t cut out while I’m riding.

Since you’ve seen this issue (and I think you made your own battery), it’s worth an inspection, as a loose connection or under-rated cable are worth investigating since it’s having troubles.

Good luck Bro, happy skating

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Well this is a rats nest of wires… could be anything. Who built the battery? Where are you testing the voltage when it drops significantly?