Board slowly loses power up hill?

Running FOC. Had the same thing on happen on BLDC too. I’m running a single Carvon Hub. I have my motor max at 70A right now. Haven’t tried bumping it up any higher. On flats it runs great. I’m going to try and get some temp data if it still has the issue with this new heatsink installed.

you need to be careful not to have the Motor Max & Battery Max current settings too far apart. (or too high)

this is what contributes to VESC heating issues when motors are not running at their max rpm.

Keep turning it down until your problems go away.

If once you resolve the problem the torque output is not enough you need two motors. (or more reduction)

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Will the (V6 Vesc) fix this Overheating problem using 63mm motors chaka ?

And does B. Vedder know why some have trouble using FOC, or know what the problem is ?

Yes, with V6 you will be able to run 63mm motors to their full potential. Untill then you will need to limit output as best you can with the motor max settings.

FOC should also work a little better due to the more robust design. V6 will be less susceptible to failures.

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Here’s some screenshots of my current settings. I’ve dropped the motor max current down to 60A, will test it out once the weather clears up.

If it still overheats drop it down to 40 amps and try again. You can also increase the mosfet start temp to 85 and give yourself a little more headroom.

Ok cheers, will see how things go :slight_smile:

How did your testing turn out? :slight_smile:

Got a chance to test the board up the hill again over the weekend (Board was out of action all last week after my belt started tearing).

Unfortunately I’m still having to stop several times going up the hill to let the VESC cool down, I also found that I’m also having the same issue with another hill that I never used to have issues with when running in FOC which is rather unfortunate. If only FOC was more reliable :confused:

@chaka I might look at turning the motor max down to 40A and try again, do you expect that this will have much effect on my hill climbing ability though? Certain parts of these hills get quite steep.

You could but you may just have to bite the bullet and reduce your gear ratio. What is your theoretical top speed on you current drive train?

45km I believe? Not that I’ve ever hit top speed on my board. It’s essentially an Enertion Raptor mono with a 10s4p pack. These are the pulleys I’m using:

How would a pair of your motors handle steeper hills? I’m looking to upgrade to a dual drive system at some point in the near future anyway so I’ll probably be looking to sell my 6374 and either buy a pair of 6355’s or a pair of your 5065’s depending on how well they handle steep hills as I like the idea of sensored motors due to the fact that the city I live in is basically built over of a bunch of hills…

What grade is the hill?

It varies a bit. This is one of the hills (Brooklyn Rd). I believe its an average 8% grade but some parts are definitely a fair bit steeper

check this out,

Do you get the heatsink package with your VESC?

I’m working through a very similar issue and while I still haven’t solved it, installing heatsinks has made a world of difference. I used to cut out on 3% grades after a few meters, now I can go a quarter mile if I don’t push it. It’s still not performing as it should, but the heatsinks made a huge improvement.

Yea I’ve got the heatsink package, might have to eventually look at cutting a section out of the bottom of my enclosure where I can install a larger external heatsink which I can attach VESC’s to similar to Evolve boards

A good top speed for an all around board on a single drive is about 35 km or less. This will take the edge off the torque needed to take on hills without overheating the VESC.

You could drop down to a smaller motor and the VESC will not overheat as easily. The problem is that motor will pull way more amps than the VESC can give without heating up.

So the vesc is not 50A continuous ? , my battery 4p can only provide 40A continuous and will have the same behavior up a long hill. ?

What type of cells are you using? You could be tripping the low voltage back off strategy on the vesc if your pack is only capable of 40 amps without voltage sag.

Using the Tesla cells from okashira, they are supposed to be very similar to the Panasonic GA cells with slightly less capacity 3200mah.

No that was me. But I’ve helped a couple others do the mod. It’s been through 200 or so cycles like this no problems so far for me.