Board stops randomly. (Seemingly random)

i got a.busted hellfire genisis for 40 bucks. The esc was fried, so i put a fsesc 4.20 on it. The battery for the board seemed fairly new and read 36v. I rode the first day about 18 miles, top speed of 19.8. That night on a full charge, it quit at the top of a hill, vesc wouldn’t restart. Power now reads 30.4v at the battery on full charge. Re charged battery, board went about 1/4 mile then quit while i was bombing a hill, i sketched out and put her in the grass. Pushing the board home the vesc booted back up, then i went two miles. The battery now reads 25 percent. 30.6 v on ohmmeter. Vesc wouldn’t boot. Pushed a little and restarted. Now without pushing isn’t restarting. Any ideas? I’m new to electric skateboards. Thanks.

I think it’s the battery. Would recommend some research in that direction.

This was my initial thought too. But without another battery, how could i test this?

You could measure the internal resistance of each parallel group of cells and compare that to each other, if one ore more are off they are bad. You need to read about batterys, they can burn down your house if not handled properly.

Or you could show us a vesc log.

The batteries measured well. The connection I had to my battery was a little loose, I resoldered and took it out for a ride, and it didn’t shut down, Rode very well. so maybe that was the issue. In case it wasn’t, how do I make the vesc keep a log? I went into log analysis in the vesc tool and it was empty.

Thanks again for the help.

You need to run one of the apps made for the vesc. Does require bluetooth connection (i recommend official vesc tool app, requires nrf51822 for communication ).