Board stuttering? Enertion Parts

Hey guys, I was cruising around my neighborhood and everything was fine for like 10 minutes then out of nowhere when i accelerated the board will start braking/stuttering, it wouldnt accelerate. I spinned the motor with my hand and it rotates fine no problems. Breaking will work weird you will not hear the motor breaking like i used to. Any ideas? Using enertion standard vesc, 6372 r spec, space cell 3 and gt2b

motor phase wires shorting (touching one another from the inside. There are a few threads about this problem.

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That has never happened till now. Is it an easy fix or ?

yeah exactly what I experienced. Don’t continue riding because it would just eventually damage your VESC. It should be an easy fix if you are good with soldering and such. Just a c clip removal and shrinkwrap the copper wires within. I have yet to have the time to do it myself but shouldn’t be that hard. Good luck!

Yeah I have no experience in soldering and dont want to risk damaging the motor. Anyone in California able to do this?

I don’t think you’ll need to solder, just take it apart and insulate with electrical tape or heatshrink. I’m in CA if you want me to take a crack at it.

Hey Jinra sounds good. How should we go about this? Message me

you don’t need to solder, happy to compensate anyone for their time with this

How will I go about it @onloop ?

you need to get more insulation onto the wires.

you could try yourself… otherwise you’ll need to send it back or find someone to it for you.