Board transplant

If i have a benchwheel dual motor setup, could i buy dual VESCs, and transplant that to a raptor 1 deck with space cell 10s3p battery? Would i use the BMS on the benchwheel 6s4p battery or use the BMS on the enertion space cell battery?

Benchwheel has a 6s battery. You can’t use the remote or RX either. The only parts you could use are the motors, pulley and wheels…nine if which are very good and are fairly inexpensive.

If you have a raptor 1 deck, x2 VESC’s and a spacecell, just buy x2 motors, wheel pulleys, wheels, motor pulleys and belts.

But technically i could just buy x2 VESC and a new rc controller/receiver and itll work? Which BMS would i use to prevent overheating and shit from exploding.

You’d use the in built into the spacecell.

Would benchwheel motors connect to the VESC right away or would i need any other cables?

You will most likely need to change it the connectors. The benchwheel my kid plays with has 4mm connectors, most VESC’sscs have 5.5mm connectors.

Yea I had a benchwheel I tried doing the same thing to but it’s not worth the work. Especially because at the end of it you’ll have a slightly less shitty benchwheel.

Just went with a fresh build, no regrets.

Another question:

If i were to build upon the raptor 1 deck,battery, and trucks, would using these work:

Would it be hard building the mounts and shit? Will i need to weld anything?

Can u help me with my latest comment

The motor will work, don’t know about the motor mounts or belts. No one has done any substantive testing with them yet.

Look at , @torqueboards has a single motor mechanical kit that has everything you need. It’s pretty inexpensive as well.


Thats $390 for all the parts not including the motor. Pretty darn expensive for me… i dont have a job, as im in high school, and my parents are currently unemployed. do they have any discounts?

Yea the raptor truck is a caliber ii clone and those mounts I don’t know what they’re for.

I would avoid those pulleys too, they look like 3mm pitch, everyone’s using 5mm pitch.

Like @mmaner said, source it from @torqueboards, you’ll find better compatibility across the board.

Just ride the benchwheel for a while, figure out what you want. Then sell the benchwheel to fund the raptor 1 rebuild.


Yes this, do this

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