Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tension System $40 ORDER NOW

What’s the thread pitch on the set screws for the collar? I am going to try to find some hardened steel ones.

Having a hard time getting my mount to stay in place. Iv’e tried red loc tite and everything. I think a clamping design for the collar might work a little better.

I am going to try to drill some holes in the trucks where the set screws will be, use red loctite, and use some hardened steel set screws and see if it changes anything. Any tips?

If you can find them, knurled set screws might solve your problem

Did you let the loctite cure? Most designs with set screws require you to let let the thread locker cure for up to a day. You gotta really torque them down for them to work. They shouldn’t strip unless your 3mm allen key is very worn down. They have a deeper hex because they’re set screws.

My regular set screws actually already dig into the trucks a little. They leave a circle indentation.

Yep let it sit overnight. I had one strip out already. Brand new allen key(steel, cheap, but brand new). Yea i can see the indent when I take it off. But it always ends up rattling loose after less than 5 minutes of riding.

I just feel like the two small set screws are not enough to hold it. I will try again tomorrow. It’s just a bummer to have to wait 24 hours every time it comes loose.

If it continues to be an issue I will order some non stainless knurled set screws. They will be harder so less prone to strip and apparently help dig in. I am not sure how much it will do though. For now though you can do the classic fix like on the torqueboards one where you slip a piece of heatshrink on the truck and mount it from there. Mine have a little bit of play to make assembly easier. Some on the opposite side with no set screws will help the grip

are they 1.00 pitch?

Yes, the ones sent are M6 x 1.00

Looks nice, I just filled out the docs to place an order.


i did an order form like a week ago. When can i expect a shipping notice/invoice?

Within this week. I’m falling a little behind since school takes up most of my day, but I am managing to make around 4 mounts per day. I only invoice when I have the product ready. A lot of people’s are going out tomorrow.

I have a “friend” that is going to visit her sister that lives in Indianapolis, and she travels to Indianapolis during Halloween. So i was wondering if you could send it to Indianapolis before she travels back home to Denmark in late October/early November? So I can skip the import taxes, is it possible for you to make a mount and send it before going back home to Denmark?

Hi there,

I really like your mount design and the fact that I can adjust the idler.

I was wondering if I could order a custom truck clamp, I run Bennet Vectors and I cannot find any motor mount that fits them!

Let me know if you can and I’ll go back and make the measurements required.

Thanks a lot! Ervine

Thanks man. Stay on that grind, school is the priority.

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If anyone is looking for this mount I have one for sale that has barely even been used. Literally I have only ridden with it around the block twice.

I can’t get it to stay mounted to the truck at all. My loss, your gain. . Mine came with a 12mm belt, but I bought a set of 15mm belts so I can give you a 15mm one with the mount if you want.

PM me $30 shipped anywhere in USA

called it

I was skeptical when buying for the same reasons.

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. I have a lot of future designs in the making though. This is mk1

consider a two piece clamp, with big ass bolts going all the way through so you can really put some torque down on it.

i’d be all over it if that were the case.

Stay tuned a lot of that is in the works

So for those of us who have purchased mk1 …

Has it been tested and works on other setups? Can I trust it? I only have a few mm between motors and if it comes loose it could destroy my motors.