Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tension System $40 ORDER NOW

Hello, I live in Southern california and wanted to know if you were still selling the mounts

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Yep, they’re still available. I am in the process of making a few updates. The belts I ordered will be here by Thursday, which is when a lot of people will be getting their orders. At the moment I am all out of belts so I cannot ship for another 4ish days.

can you give me some specific on the dimensions of the motor mounts?

The overall dimensions are listed, what dimensions are you looking for in particular?

to specify what is the thickness of the motor mounting plate by its self. Like what you mount the motor to.

1/4" plate

6061 I’m assuming?

6061 T6511 flatbar


cool, I think I’ll see if I can salvage my paris motor mount first though.



don’t worry bro it’ll get flagged in a couple seconds. Also your 50 some customers compared to my 1… :joy:

Doesn’t take that long :wink:

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LOL I saw it coming…

It is not based on customer count. It is just an etiquette thing. We all work hard for our customers :confused:

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Yea bro sorry he just mentioned Paris trucks and I couldn’t resist…

ill post picks of my motor mount. its basically keep it or spend some money on a new caliper mount. Sorry for the upcoming shit on paris motor mounts, but I see that calipers are the only way to go. Fuck the paris mounts that I got. Paris trucks are nostalgic though

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Can you post more pics of milling happening? I just looooooove seeing those kind of pictures :wink:

Little update, not enough to be considered a whole revision. I have improved on several things. Here are the changes:

The bearing quality have been improved. I bought from a different supplier that are way better. The races are no longer plastic, they’re metal. The rubber shields are actually rubber. They are much quieter and smoother, and have no rust!

The motor screws have been shortened as @Scepterr pointed out, the 12mm ones were too long and could short. They are now 8mm and torx to prevent stripping

The washers for the idler are now big M8 size instead of the non stainless tiny ones.

Here are some more pics of the new belts I received. No 15mm wide yet, sorry. Really though the difference between 12mm and 15 is minimal with an idler.

To anyone that has ordered so far, they will be sent our real shortly. I was waiting for the belts to finally arrive so now I am ready. I still get questions where to order so remember:

You can order here!


God Damn that’s a lot of belts!