Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tension System $40 ORDER NOW

Hmm that’s a lot of unused material…wonder what little doohickeys could be made… Some cross braces for dual mount… Reinforcement strips for enclosures… Wire channels, holders, routers… Handles! You could make handles with exactly what’s left over :smiley:

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Worth it to just buy more. The orientation as shown is about as efficient as I can get it with my perimeters. They’re round so nesting is not easy with these.

I will be keeping the cut out bar as a trophy :slight_smile:

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Trophies are great, but you could make more money with the same amount of material :wink:

I wonder if these are still worth buying if I am not going to use the idlers.

They would work fine, you would just need to make sure you can get a belt length that will fit without the idler and doesn’t need horizontal adjustment, since the distance between motor and axle is fixed

Why not use the idler? It is the crown jewel of my design. Everything else is based off of it. You can, but like Scepterr said you would need a belt length exactly correct as there would be no way of adjusting center distance.

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I only weight about 70 kg and a 12mm belt is more than fine for torque and braking. For me, I would like to keep my belts for a longer period.

Personally the reason I’m switching to idler is to reduce strain on motor, after vesc and battery that’s the most expensive part and abused the most :wink: It’s also beneficial to the vesc having to deal with less current.

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If you’re worried about belt life, the extra bending is offset by the lack of tension needed to maintain the torque transfer ability. Also, I do sell them with extra belts available for $5, which is very minimal if you think about it.

I think you make good points, but installation could be a bit tricky. Do you have a couple of ideas on how to tension the belt? How to fit it on? Just curious as I have no experience with idlers.

Just use the idler, way easier. It is actually really easy to tension. Just put everything on, then slide the idler in and place it where the belt feels like its being pulled slightly. Done. I promise it’s actually really simple

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Oh wow. I now see that the idler needs the big slot in the mount. Thanks for the quick responses. Now I need to think about if its worth it to buy some caliper trucks.

I placed an order for a mount around 2 weeks ago, but never heard anything. Are you still selling them? I just filled out the doc again…

Waited on the belts, I am ready to go now. You should be getting invoiced within a few days.

Got my invoice and paid immediately will post pics when they make it here to London!

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Anyone know if these this motor plate would fit on evolve trucks?

@Lionkev55 what is the center to center distance

Fixed 90mm, the idler is what tensions the belt.

is good for a 6374 reberse motor mount @Lionkev55

Should work great! It can mount in reverse the same as forwards

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