Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tension System $40 ORDER NOW

i agree with @gbutcher, does it actually work? Have you tested it? Do not mean to sound mad, just worried :worried:

I tested it on my mini board and it did not come loose. I ordered everything for my brand new board and that is where I will torture them as much as I can. If you are worried it will come loose, it will help to drill a shallow hole where the set screw goes. A lot of people do that with this type of mounting system.

I have a new design in the works though that uses that said 2 piece clamping system. I know what you are thinking though, “How does that help us mk1 buyers?” The arm piece will be compatible with the new clamp (and the new arm) as it will feature the same screw hole pattern. Once the new redesign is all done, I will sell the new design and give anyone who bought an mk1 an updated clamp for free.

Not only will the mk2 be a redesign, it will also be much cheaper. I am switching to clearance holes with a bolt running through with a lock nut on the other side, vs tapping the actual clamp. Much faster. They are going to be waterjet by a nearby service instead of machined by me. Expect the price to be around $30.


Sound really nice man!! Thanks for the update :thumbsup:

Just paid my order. Would have gladly waited for the 2 piece clamping system if not too long of a wait. Glad to hear you’ll offer the 2 piece clamp design at a later date if we have problems.

Yeah, to anyone that bought the first design will get the 2 part clamp free, as sort of a gift for being an “early supporter” I don’t really have an ETA because I would like to test print one first. The design hasen’t quite been done before so it may take some work, but it should be rock solid as it will use no set screws, but big M6 bolts and a nylon locknut


I sent payment right after receiving the invoice a few weeks ago. Can you please estimate shipping time?

@MaxAssist @deucesdown @MustardTiger @machadolab Printing the labels for you guys today. Will send them to post office today within 6-7 hours. You’re all USA so they should arrive by around Wednesday or earlier.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds great. Cheers.

The V2 clamp design is not quite ready yet. I am modeling it later tonight. After that I will cut the prototypes and test them on my newly made board. It should be extremely strong and 100% compatible with the old board style.

As for 15mm belts, those will be coming too. To everyone that ordered thus far has recieved 12mm as that is all I have. I buy in bulk and compatibility is key. 12mm works with 12mm pulleys and 15mm pulleys.

If I get the design waterjet locally instead expect a price reduction!

Thanks for your response. Can wait to test it

Im waiting for the v2 clamps sounds really exciting

It will be!

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With a cover these would be amazing. Definitely buying either way. So tired of messing with belt tension

Good to know, a cover might be available in the future. Thing is, it would kind of interfere with the idler. I may be able to sort something out though. Doesn’t really work with so many wheel sizes though.

I’m planning on adding a cover like this or running braces across two 3 holes tapped here, and some sheet metal(tape for reference) bolted to cover motor pulley and motor Haven’t decided whether to round off or not.

Mine would be printed and held with some quick m4 screws. Thick walled printed parts should hold up decent. They just have to be really thick, like 3mm or more. Not sure it is really necessary though

@Boardnamics do you8 think you could get these to work with Grizzly trucks. I like the raw metal look.

Thingiverse customiser app could factor that in as a parameter…probably

What do you mean by that exactly? Making more clamp styles is possible but I’m not gonna lie, it wouldn’t be easy.

I was just wondering if it was possible because I know one person on here has already started doing motor mounts with idlers as well and basically he just edits the file for the trucks or if you did a sleeve like how alien power systems do it.