Boardnamics MBS Matrix II Motor Mounts

What up fellas. I now offer mounts for the MBS Matrix II trucks. These were a pretty easy design considering it’s just a beefed up version of my Caliber II mounts. I copy pasted this whole thing from the other forum by the way :smiley:

Overbuilt? Maaaybe…but that’s AWESOME. These things are burly and ready for anything you throw at em. These stay together with the same two piece clamp that was successful with Caliber II. 2 M8 bolts provide an insane amount of clamping pressure. The mount has two crossbar holes, crossbars not included. Mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and chamfered on both sides for smoothness.

Excuse my horribly dark pictures. Just temporary

Specifications: Arm Thickness: 5/16" 8mm Clamp Thickness: 1/2" 12.6mm Weight: 280g Center Distance: 100mm ±10mm Bolt Circle: 44mm for 63mm motors

What’s Included:

Aluminum Pieces: 1x Arm for 63mm motors 2x Clamp Bracket

Hardware: x4 M5 x 25mm 12.9 SHCS x4 M5 A2 SS Nylon Locknut x2 M8 x 45mm 12.9 SHCS x2 M8 A2 SS Nylon Locknut x4 M4 x 10mm 12.9 SHCS

Because the Matrix II cross section is round overall, I am convinced with modification, these could work on several other mountainboard trucks. Not only that, but the clamp is so strong that it doesn’t need a perfect surface to mate to. It just grips the hell out of whatever it is touching.

Price is $80 a set! Available Here Ships from California same business day!


Awesome work man!

Would it be possible to drill holes for idlers? ;).

I purposely didn’t put any cutouts on the mid section for that purpose :smiley:

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Wheres my fuckin evolve mounts

Do matrix pro trucks next please! I am looking for some at a good price. Even if you just started selling clamps instead of complete kits.