Boardnamics not shipping out items after two weeks from vacation?

Hello, I understand hes a solo man, and that he’s got ton of back order due to his 2 week vacation, but I ordered my stuff on August 9, and still haven’t seen an email on it being shipped. I have emailed him twice now, and each time he says he’s shipping it the next day for me, which to my surprise it isn’t. This isn’t a complaint to boardnamics, nor am I trying to degrade him in any way as he does make quality parts for an affordable price. He has my utmost respect for what he is offering to the DIY community. All I’m asking in this post is: Does anyone else have this issue?

Thank you.

P.S: Boardnamics (Kevin), if you are reading this, I hope you don’t take this in a negative way. I just want to ride lol.

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I think the fact that he even responds to questions about shipping date is better than the majority of this industry. Looking right at you enertion. But just be patient, everyone needs a break eventually. And he has told me that he just doesn’t have stock for a lot of things at the moment.

That dude tool two months to ship my pair of mounts. He’s just slow af.

That’s true. And again, i’m willing to wait, it’s just me being concerned.

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I’m pm’ing you with my Mother’s phone number (she’s a milf from what I hear from friends). Hoping you’re single because you get it dude. :wink:


As you said he is a one man show so it obviously takes time. He also recently lost his business partner who sorta screwed him over ( I belive he deleted the business’s PayPal and eBay account amongst other things) so he is still trying to recuperate from that incident. I understand waiting is hard (trust me I HATE waiting for parts) but I truly belive @boardnamics will come through he just needs some time.

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Oh i didn’t know his business partner was that much of a dick. Now it makes sense. Thank you


thanks for this, always had this fantasy

Don’t worry, he was in japan from August 10-18 and just got up and running again, you’ll get your stuff soon, he is much more active on the other forum