Boardnamics Precision 220mm Caliber II Hangers

A copy and paste from the other forum. I have a new product for sale; a precision 220mm hanger designed to fit into Caliber II and Paris baseplates.

he Boardnamics 220mm hanger is a precision hanger piece designed to be a direct swap-in upgrade for Caliber II and Paris trucks. They are wider, precision machined from a single block of 6061-T6 aluminum, and have adjustable shoulder bolt axles. The result is a stronger, more stable truck that is engineered for electric skateboarding. Turn your standard cast trucks into high performance, precision hybrids with a simple switch. The installation is straight forward and requires no modification.

The extended 220mm hanger allows you to run up to dual 6380 motors with 15mm belts. The hanger shares a similar cross section profile to Caliber II, meaning all Caliber II mounts on the market fit this hanger, including ours! A precision clamp for this hanger is coming soon.

The 8mm shoulder bolt axles are made of ground hardened steel. They’re stronger and more precise than standard truck axles. This insures zero slop in your wheels and pulleys for miles to come. The exposed axle length is 44mm-50mm, allowing you to use all kinds of wheels and pulleys without running out of axle.

Choose between two finishes; raw milled aluminum or stealth black anodize.


Hanger Length: 220mm

Axle: 8mm x 80mm Shoulder Bolt

Axle Length: 44mm-50mm

Weight: 261g (with bolts)

IMG_20190724_180855491 hanger_anodized_ontruck 695105bb767aea2570893680620cd7a36cbda61c_2_281x500


Are they ready to ship?

Yep. Totally ready to go, already packaged


Does the hanger and mount kit use a clamp machined to your truck profile? or is that still in the works and it’s still the caliber profile?

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Dumb question, but is CNC’d like this much higher quality than die casted? Just trying to size up if these are worth the extra (A lot extra i guess) over the TB alternatives

They are much much higher quality and won’t break as fast. They will also feel more stable at speed then cast trucks due to them being precision cnc milled…

Nothing close to cast. They feel so good. Never going back to cast trucks. My life is changed after I tried the precision


Nice :smiley: These or Fatboy trucks for my next build then!

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HMU if you want lightly used fatboy hangers :wink:

Hey guys… this may be a terrible question but in using the 6374s, i needed these mounts for the spacing in the rear

For the front, If I use 220 mm boardnamics, how do I get it tight enough between my 90 mm wheels and the mount? There’s too much space between the extra hanger and the mount. Do I need massive spacers?

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just stack spacers until youre happy with spacing

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I did just that… like 2 big ones and 5 small ones hahaha. Thanks

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To those who still use this forum,

My precision trucks are coming out soon! Riptide pivot cup and bushings. Fully machined and esk8 friendly design


where those 240s at, shawty?

Looks good, btw :kiss: