Boatloads of new parts!

Some of my friends encoraged me to build them electric skateboards, so I placed an order for some parts. I’m also going to build a Trampa Street Carver for me.

Today I got the first batch of parts:

Beautiful Metroboard aluminum 36T pulleys for ABEC flywheels

Some MBS knobby wheels, they did come with bearings

Belts from vbeltsupply:

A beautiful Sector 9 Bintang 38", pretty similar than the Evolve Bamboo GT

A few pulley kits with hardware from @Titoxd10001

Some 5.5mm Bullet connectors:

Calibers II fifty and Gullwing Sidewinders II

The best bearings you can buy for electric skateboards are also the cheapest

Adhesive neoprene tape for electronics to avoid vibrations

18T motor pulleys, they are huge!. I needed more speed on my 10S4P with dual 170KV build, 15/40T got me only 37km/hr

A couple of VESC, antispark switches and motor 63xx mounts from @torqueboards

210 Samsung 30Q cells from IMRbatteries

And finally my long awaited 14 ply Trampa Urban Carver, even though I’ll use it as street carver:

Vertigo mini trucks

Innova wheels:

Red springs on yellow dampas:

Unfortunately there was a mistake, it seems to be on @Trampa side, as I didn’t get the 9.525mm bearings for the trampa vertigo trucks, hope it doesn’t slow down my build.

Sorry for the misleading title but I do have a boner


Holy cow, that’s like a down payment on a house right there. Those aluminum 36T pulleys are absolutely beautiful.

What’s the width of those pulleys? 15mm?


This hobby is getting out control, my wallet is not feeling healthy


Zealous Bearings are the shit. I won’t use any other bearings ever I think.


Box full of expensive crap!


aw man… That’s the whole reason why I clicked on this… lol i must say… i’m disappointed… :laughing:

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Funny title and damn that’s a lot of parts lol

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Parts purchased but currently sitting in a warehouse in Miami:

4 Kaly 6374 190KV motors 3600W 6 Kaly 6355 230KV motors 2500W 2 Kaly Trampa Vertigo street carver motor mounts 1 Battery supports 12S BMS 1 Kaly enclosure 10 battery testers 2 Loaded Vanguards Flex 3 10 HM-10 BLe Bluetooth modules 6 2.4GHZ Mini remotes 20 HTD5 15mm belts 6 42V 2A chargers 1 Set of Metroboard clear red ABEC 11 75A 97mm flywheels

Things I still need to purchase as soon as my girlfriend throw my bags out of the window:

2 more decks 2 more sets of wheels 2 set of CRonins 4 BMS


Holy crap thats a lot of stuff! I can only dream…

@Eboosted I´m in for the next robbery Bro - need new stuff too :monkey:


The Metroboard pulleys for ABEC 11 is beautiful. Is that not similar to Evolve meaning that I would have to dremel a section of the Caliber II hanger off to attach that pulley on?.

I watched a YouTube video of it being taken out and put back in the wheel, it appears to only use two bearings, one in the wheel and one in the pulley instead of the usual 2 bearings in the wheel and a third bearing into the pulley, which is why I’m wondering if the width is still ok on standard Caliber II axle or not?

If yes then I would have to assume that the inner part of the pulley will act as a spacer for the outer bearing.

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No viagra needed today. Thx!

I almost didn’t open the thread because I didn’t want to look at your boner.

But those are some fine parts, really nice. Jealous :slight_smile:

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I got 12 VESCs for 7 builds

1 Trampa street carver dual 1 Sector 9 Bintang single 1 Sector 9 Bintang dual 1 Loaded vanguard single 1 Loaded Vanguard dual 1 “still deciding deck” dual 1 “still deciding deck” dual

Next week’s are going to be fun building e-boards

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@lox897 - hehehe - i flagged your post as inappropriate!

I think some playful titles like this should be fine. People are far too sensitive - and this is a skate forum (just electric). I’m sure any younger members are likely saying a lot worse than boner…


ok i have to ask. I’ve never heard of zealous bearings so how do they compare to Bones Reds?


Bearing-wise they are just as good, or better, than Bones Reds

But they have an built-in precision spacer on them. The inside of the bearing has half of a spacer on the inner race. The outside has the “speedrings” machined in. So no washers or spacers required

See Abec11’s Builtin Bearings for the origin of the idea

bones reds racers with built in spacers do the same thing. Are Zealous just less expensive but have the same kind of quality? if so, i might consider switching.

Yeah but this isn’t a porn forum. In the future people want to search for trampa builds, they aren’t gonna be searching for ‘look I got a boner’ it’s all about getting ready for the future


The only problem with bearings with built-in spacers is you cannot adjust the overall spacer length.

Bones Race Reds have a .200 spacer, so .400" overall. This is actually too short for many wheels. 0.405" is the sweet spot for Abec11, but clones can be anywhere from 0.400 to 0.410"

Zealous are listed as .4045". They have dual shields, unlike the Bones