Bolt on battery and hub motor set -

Starting up soon in Aus - big claims on the specs for such a small unit. 35km/hr 25k range 30% grade hills :confused: They have vanguard clones listed as coming soon - might be a decent supplier for blank decks. They claim they are using samsung cells - wonder what the specs are

Looks like a rebranded Onan booster


Definitely a rebranded onan X2. $400 plus shipping on Alibaba. Kickstarter​: ivory boards in Australia or nuff skateboards in the US. I ordered the nuff for science because it’s actually cheaper than the sample price I got on alibaba

what are the cells?

This is the info they sent me

Whoa. NOISELESS, ALLUMIUM hubs that can be CUSTOMERIZED? All on a DETACBABLE truck & frame? :joy: Sounds too good to be true.

They tried copying mellow too hard.

do you know if the hub motor mounting style is with the square hole… like this??