Bone Breaker | MBS Core 94 Axe Deck | MBS ATS trucks | dual SK3 192kV | Idea ATS mounts | 12s LiPo | FocBox


after months of exploring the esk8 world and collecting all of the parts it is time to open the topic for my Bone Breaker. In this topic I will document the progress of the build along with the questions I have related to the build. This is my first build and it seems that it is a little bit complex then I though it would be. I hope that with the little help and push from community I will soon ride this project :smiley:

First I will set the list of the parts along with the links and later comes the real pictures :wink:

  1. Deck : MBS Core 94 Axe Deck
  2. Trucks : MBS ATS trucks
  3. Hubs : Hypa Hubs (purchased on forum, thank you @atenner )
  4. Tires (outer and inner) : Primo Alpha (purchased on forum, thank you @atenner )
  5. Bearings : SKF
  6. Motors : 2 x Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
  7. Speed Controller : 2 x FOCBOX
  8. Battery : 4 x EU GLOBAL ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 3S1P 30C
  9. Motor Mounts, Pulleys, Belts - hardware from @Idea for MBS ATS truck & HYPA hubs
  10. Controller : Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller (purchased on forum, thank you @BoostedBuilder )
  11. Enclosure : currently being custom build (by @DjamboBuksne )

Some of the parts are in transit (controller and second motor) but most of them are already at my possession. Few of my current concerns that I am investigating are: a) pairing the two focboxes (master - slave) and connecting with Nano-X controller b) integrating a 12s BMS along with the e-switch or installing a loop key c) connecting all of the components together d) focbox enclosure and where to place them

Hopefully some of the more experienced builders will help me with my concerns and connect all of the pieces of this deadly puzzle :smiley:


A 12s bms is a great idea. PM me and I can give u a diagram made by @Namasaki for a 12s battery and I can also send you a guide for single and dual drive vesc settings. Shoot me a Pm

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It’s from

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For an enclosure u are going to have to first lay everything out with wires and connectors and stuff and measure everything and orientate it correctly and then find an enclosure

Why did you change your post with the long guide?

I felt like it was too long and annoying. Do u need it?

I was reading through it. Seemed to have a wealth of information. If you could send it that would be nice.

Thank you!

There is something beautiful in this little beasts :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty similar to my Velcro Board. It will be crazy fast with the 192KV, no? I’m going for 149KV with the same batteries and the max speed still seems a bit too much. Anyway, good luck with the build!

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I think I have gone through your topic and thought the same :smiley: will check againg :wink: I am not sure about the speed but calculations are pretty crazy :smiley: good luck to you too, i am sure we are going to need it :smiley:

So, are you still building this board?

Yes, this board is already built. I got the BMS for it (still figuring out how to connect for charging only) and dual focbox enclosure waiting to be installed. Also, I am trying to find a less invasive way how to install the battery enclosure under the board.

I have a diagram very similar to your build the only difference is you have a 12s lipo. Would you like picks?

Yes, please send the diagram :slight_smile: that would be very helpful :slight_smile:



This looks great! Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, can’t wait to see how this build turns out. :grin:

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I will upload the pics as soon as the some of the upgrades are done (and there is not so much duct tape) :smiley:

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