Boomer gets hands on an Arduino

Boomer detected! You have been warned:face_with_monocle: Old guy here messing with stuff he doesn’t understand but sorely wants to. Been trying to setup up an Arduino uno to work a button controller via ppm in my Vesc mini and Focbox. I can get neither to show any readings when trying to map them. I know the code works because in the serial monitor it is showing the correct outputs for the program. I’m using the new Vesc tool and have updated the firmware on the Focbox. Motor setup OK,Bluetooth OK,just nothing for the input setup. Battery is a 5S2P 10Ah Li ion connecting to a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260KV Brushless Outrunner Motor with Enertion Focbox (remember them?) Arduino nano and HM-10 BLE. Oh,this is for a FD on a bike.I’m way too old for one them boards. Can anyone point me towards(the door?) what I should be looking at to get the Arduino talking to my Vesc? Cheers David


Boomer is on the dead forum! Four hours without an answer tells the story. Need to come ask same on esk8 news forum where everyone went.


See.I told you! I’m worth the watching. Boomer travels to news forum:roll_eyes:

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