Boosted board & A123 test

Like many others my v1 died. A lot of the symptoms pointed to the battery pack. I found a v2 battery pack on eBay for a good price, that I intended to mesh with v1. Long story short, they use different can bus to communicate, so you can’t splice them in. What I ended up doing was taking the A123 from the v2 box and placed them in the v1. This worked quite well until the board died again. I would like to know which a123 are still usable, and a charger that would allow me to individually charge/balance them back to spec.

Additionally would the bms be at fault for the 2nd failure? The a123 in the 2 packs are slightly different, but seem to share similar specs. Is there a way to test the bms works as expected?

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Hi, when you say it worked quite well then the board died again how do you mean it died again? and how long did it last?

As in the board worked with the new batteries, but then the batteries stopped holding a charge again. I’ve soldered them back to the v2 but the charger couldn’t do anything.

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