Boosted Board all terrain mod

Hey guys I need so input. Some might said boosted doesn’t belong on this forum but I disagree;)

Iv aligned every thing correctly and it all fits. The boosted board motor pull is a 16t 15mm wide cog. The wheel is a 5inch 1.5inch wide pneumatic with a 70t 15mm wide cog. Top speed will be only a little higher but it’s nice gearing so it will retain a similar performance.

The problem I am having is the belt is rubbing on the inside on the cap as the angle is greater then the original small 50t pulley.

My plan is to use a belt roller of some sort or a modify the cap. What do you think?


I have no advice to give but just want to say that this definitely belongs here. That is a sick DIY! Hoping you’ll post some more pics down the line when you complete it!

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where did you get those 5inch pneumatics? Personally I would just Dremel on the cap until it fits - but I have never seen one live so can’t confidently say that is actually a good idea.

I’m looking into all options, but I need some smaller belts.

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where did you get those wheels???

@Maxid @ecuadorche my guess is that those are some of Enertion’s AT wheels, which are, AFAIK, are no longer in production.

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Use a dremel, you know for science.

Yea man had some only enertion wheels kicking around thought why not try!

I’ll let every one know how it goes!

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An idler is the proper solution here, you will get an extra tooth engaged with the smaller pulley, but it’s a little more complicated to pull off.

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I searched the internet for 5inch wheels and found some nordic skiing wheels: 125mm diameter pneumatics with plastic rims

Tempted to get some for science…


Richard from alien drive systems use skike wheels they have discontinued there 5inch but they have an 6.25inch that’s sweet, would give 30mph but would cut into the torque. They also need modification but they have a very low road resistance.

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Yep that’s what I was planning to do but I think I would need 2x one on to and bottom because there isn’t much room!

@jacobbloy @Maxid The search for good AT wheels is tough! I currently used modified 5 inch skike wheels and they are pretty good, here are some thoughts on them:

  • The high psi means low rolling resistance so they are fast, but still smooth out the roads. I don’t fear every pebble or crack on the road.

  • The tires aren’t very robust so the drive wheel tire burns up pretty fast (I get about 120 miles per drive wheel tire).

  • The QA for the tires and tubes is not very good, so it’s common to get a tube or tire that is not true and has significant wobble even though it’s new. I’d say about 30% of tires or tubes have a problem.

  • Skike stopped making them. Once I use up the spares I have, I’ll need to look for a new AT wheel.

I think that 5 inches is the sweet spot between good road performance but still compact enough to carry around like a skateboard; 6" might be OK as well. The new 7" Evolve wheels look OK. My first choice if I could start over would be @psychotiller’s hubs.

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Why aren’t they in production? I would go all out in 2 seconds!

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Yea guys back on topic, apparently it looks like the boosted board original belt actually rubs on the inside of the belt cover, it looks like it’s been machined like this.

I don’t know how much this would effect belt wear but maybe it will be ok if it’s touching on this wheel also, I’m buying new belts tomorrow so I can test it.

Is it posslible to to temporary remove the cover on boosted boards?

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Jacob ! we need videos man ! awesome mod !

Ballsy! I like it. Do you still get reasonable torque? I put on flywheels and torque suffered.

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