Boosted Board Battery Hack - Ground one of the wires for access?

Is it possible to use my extra Boosted Board V2 battery with non boosted electronics?

Thanks guys, this is my first post. Been lurking for a while…

It is possible but from what I’ve read on the here, it’s a pretty involved process for beginners because the battery out of the box must connect to boosted’s ESC. Search “boosted board battery” and there’s a few useful threads.

Yeah you can, you just need to make this weird shorted wire adapter thing that grounds one of the wires in it then it will output power when turned on.


Do you know where I can find instructions for this adapter?

Can someone confirm that one of the small wires on a boosted board battery pack needs to be shorted. Then we can gain control over the batteries to use as we please?

Probably a good person to ask is @barajabali since he was selling a diy board with a boosted battery I assume he knows how to make it work.