Boosted board charger for use on DIY A123 build

Hi all,

My boosted board got stolen but I still have the charger and figured I’d use it for my next DIY build with LiFePO4 A123 cells.

Can anyone tell me what size and where to find a charging port that will work with the charger for a V1 boosted board?


I think Boosted uses barrel connectors design for power. You could find these in your local electronics part shop if you have one nearby.

I was hoping to just order one online but might check out my local electronics store if I can’t figure it out.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Where did you live?

This was a suspicious board listed on eBay in the California area.

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That could totally be my board. I live about 45mins from Palmdale :(.

Report the serial number to Boosted. [email protected] It should be on the original box.

Contact your local authorities. They can contact eBay and get info on where it went/where it came from.

All false info in this post of yours.

They did go bankrupt.

They are not new cells. The 26650 cells have been produced since around 2008.

Tesla does not use them. They have a partnership with Panasonic and now make their own cells.

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Boosted provided my my serial number based off my remotes serial number. I reported it to them when it was stolen. They also have the police report # on file.

Ebay said they can’t release the buyers information to me :(. But will investigate the seller.

Get your police department to connect eBay via the report item stolen. They should be able to add police authority.

That’s what Im hoping. I’ve got a message out for the officer who took the report. I’m hoping she’ll get back to me about it.

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I hope you get your board back bro.

I’ve been kinda the stolen board watch out for the past few months.

Another stolen board was listed and sold today and I’ve already reported it to Boosted.

Well I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out and let me know. I had pretty much given up hope on getting my boosted board back but that would really be great.

Just an fyi. Your board has been relisted on eBay. Here’s the plenary of fish account Good luck

I don’t know how you do it but thank you! Amazing work

After talking with eBay and my credit card company, it seems I don’t really have much recourse. A chargeback won’t be approved by and eBay said stolen items ate not covered under the buyer protection policy.

There is also another listing posted by another eBay account carola2vnzuela0. Who’s real name is Haydee Hernandez. And shows addresses : 7014 WOODMAN AVE, VAN NUYS, CA 91405. Phone Number: (818) 468-8516. Email Address: [email protected]. As well as Location: 39418 COLCHESTER CT , PALMDALE , CA 93551Pwith the email address [email protected] but my guess is she is a mother or relative who had a legit way to get a PayPal set up or they may have been using her in for for some sort of verification pourpose like bank account possibly I don’t know but looking at the pics it’s the same board. Did your board have light scratches on the motor mounts Check out the pics in both listings it’s same board. The women’s posting is very uneducated as to what the board is. The new posting they seem to have done a little more research. Because people flagged the first one I think she got her account closed. That’s why the new listing.

I’ll do some more digging and see but the auctions up in 2 hrs. If you get back to me confirming it’s yours I’ll place a bid and send you the PayPal info that is requesting the payment.
I had a board stolen too and I know how it feels so if I can help out I will

Yeah I did have scratches and I put that touch up paint on the board! Can u send the link to the other listing?

I’m gonna a bid on the 1st listing. I don’t see the 2nd listing though.