Boosted board charger for use on DIY A123 build

I’m back couldn’t post but I was just frantic basic user and restrictions lifted. I’m the high bidder I bid 1100 earlier in case I didn’t hear back tonight.

The old posting from. The corla2vnzuela

The current posting From rowdycinco

Yeah I just paid $1125 for my own board most likely.

Your not actually going to pay them for it are you?

Yeah I am, then dispute the charge with a chargeback and via PayPal and hope for the best but there’s a good chance I get double ripped off on this deal. Cross your fingers. I’ll keep you posted on it.

You can try and ask the seller if you can see it in person before paying, and then check the serial number or something.

If it’s 100% your board, take the winning listing to the local police department and tell them you have located a stolen item. They will ask for proof so have your original documentation with you. Hopefully there is information as to marks on the board recorded in the report that will match the pics for extra proof. It’s also a good idea anytime you buy something like this to make a inconspicuous identification feature on it. For example, I put a specific four digit number under the griptape on all my personal boards.

How are stolen items​not covered? That makes no sense. Stolen items are not even allowed to be sold on eBay. You can easily fight to get your money back. Your ​credit card should see that as a viable reason to do a chargeback.

Wells Fargo CC said that would have to be settled in small claims court. EBay said something similar.