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Boosted Board Tessaract

Saw this on Instagram and thought you guys would get a kick outta this!


This was made a while back. I saw it on the Boosted Reddit. I love the Tesseract! That is the board I want to make an eBoard. The Boosted electronics looks awfully weird on it though.

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Yea I’m wanting a tesseract as well but cant get myself to pay the $210 price tag for just the deck.

Yeah it’s a ton of money, but hopefully, I can get one used and make it look “new” again :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one do you want exactly? The truncated tesse right?

Personally I like the look of the truncated one better but I feel like I would really like the kicktail. I use the kicktail a lot on my current board for tight turns

Yeah for me it is either the Truncated or Cantellated one. The regular one is pretty ugly lol.

There is a guy selling complete one on Craigslist nearby for $150, but he has failed to respond! So mad :angry:

I just got my truncated tesseract. It is sexy. Kinda wish I bought a kicktail though.

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Did you buy it new?

Yep. 210 usd later.

Holy! ;\ I might get a deal for ~$100.

Did you ride it yet? I’m not sure if I would even like it since I am used to riding a Vanguard. Looks nice however.

i love my cantellated - never had a kicktail until then and its the only thing i misson the vanguard! :heart_eyes:

such a great mold, so variable, agile and still stable.

I have not ridden it yet, I am still waiting for my parts to ship. Esk8ing seems to involve a lot of waiting hahaha.