Boosted Board v2 mod 60 miles minimum on one charge, 12s9p 30.5ah

I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to electric skateboarding. The freedom it gives you opens up your mind and unfortunately shortens your attention span (I get bored of shit way faster now due to constant high awareness) But the range always kept me away from exploring in the way I truly wanted. I always was looking for more range, bought expensive battery packs but they still sucked range wise and interchangeability wise. So I build a 50-60 mile battery mod for my boosted by the Vitaliy from YouTube (Electric Portable Vehicle) recipe but much larger. I present you Boosted V2 12s9p 30.5ah Battery packs were made with copper wire to ensure flexibility (I was affraid nickel strips would eventually break where copper wire would be just fine), 2x12s1p by 2x12s1p on each side, all covered in silicone (the one u use in your bathroom to fill up the cracks) with metal plates on the bottom pack to protect from any impact. All held together by I want to say about 10 layers of electrical tape, very sturdy. Made wooden risers for clearance with extra length to give my board that bumper, am thinking about drilling a hole in the risers for a head and tail light. Waterproof connector feeding directly into the controller, bms regulates the additional pack and cuts off current when fully charged.

All and all it’s a prototype for something even bigger (boosted stealth 12s19p with bms because it’s wider and I will use all terrain wheels for that one aka even more clearance) but for a first project I think it’s a success. I ride my board very loose so it’s still as maneuverable as before, nothing changed. Still as flexy, just twice as heavy.

Ps, anyone who thinks this is too much range can keep their opinion to themselves. Any other critique about design and other aspects of the build are very much welcome.

This post is unfinished, will update later this week.

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How stable is this at high speed? The rather tall risers seems to make this really unstable. I believe the flex of the deck has been really affected, so there isn’t any flex at all anymore?

Still as flexy, like I said. Will post videos.

Stability hasn’t been affected at all, I had troubles with stability when I had less experience with esk8, after 3000 miles combined I learned to anticipate speed wables and mitigate them.


Tried uploading on Vimeo but it got taken down, will update when I’ll be back home. But in words, maybe 15-20% more sturdy, hard to measure. Same vibration absorption tho.

Didn’t test the full range yet due to it being really ducking big. I’ll set up a day just to test it fully

You should definitely put this on the new buil​ders for​um! Search for for​um es​k8 ne​ws

This one keeps going of​fline randomly and the company hosting it has folded

Love it. I love janky builds. Have you done a range test?

No range test yet, it’s really tyring to do a full range test to be honest…

But yesterday I rode about 23 miles with an average speed of I want to say 15-18 mph and I drained the main battery which is 5.7 amps plus the additional battery packs were measured and the multimeter showed 44 volts out of 50.90 so 6 volts sag out of 10-12, I don’t know how low does the Boosted go… assuming I have another half in those packs, I could go another 18-20 miles with the same speed.

I need all terrain wheels tho, after 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted skating your feet get tired really fast.

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wow… that looks awful.

i think most would consider if you didn’t raise it by 6" with just a block of uncut/unpainted wood… at least paint it black.

range is quite impressive, but ya gotta work on the asthetics if ya wanna actually sell this.

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It’s a prototype. The riser will be 3dprinted with room for headlights and tail lights inside it.

Who said anything about selling?

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I worry about my circles if I will one day see the battery inside :grimacing: :joy: but maybe I’m wrong.


I didn’t fully understand this. You used a separate bms for the pack (I hope) or the one which balance the original pack cut of voltage when charging?

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Didn’t get the part about your circles.

Yes, the original boosted bms balances the charging and discharging, no bms needed.