Boosted Clone | Vanguard F.3 | Dual 75KV hubmotors | 90mm | 10S4P 25R | FOC

But for fucks sake snowflake, swedish bros before foreign hoes. Anyways, hör av dig :grin:


wwwwhhhhaaaaa? :rofl:

“Haha blowjob & muffins sound good! Sorry, it’s sold. Have a thread here3 where I sell the stuff, but should Banjax regret you have your first serve”

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@GrecoMan Currency is scarse in Sweden nowadays. We trade mostly in blowjobs or muffins, so the offer was very generous.


Long time since the build was done. Hope you dont mind me asking some questions. Have you testet the motors any bit. How are they holding so far? Do you feel they have enough torque?Do they get too warm? Would you prefer them?

Sorry for so many questions but i cant find long term usage review on them.

No, I really haven’t!

Check out @BigBoyToys’s old posts. He used them a lot and has written about them in a lot of threads.

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Update #23

So I’ve been pretty quiet for quite some time now! The thing is that I bought a house I’m currently renovating, so all of my freetime and money has been poured in to that :grin:

But now that summer is here I’m getting the itch to skate again, so I just ordered two focboxes from Unik. Sadly they seem to be on backorder which means it will probably take a while. In the meantime I’ll try and fix my remote and keep on renovating!


One of the things I love about this forum is old topics being revived and I get the chance to read them fresh (Only been a member for 4 months).

Love the work you’ve done so far and hope you find the time to finish it this summer :+1:


I know that itch! I’ve been out of the esk8 scene for a few months now because I got too busy and ran low on spare money. In a couple of months I’ll be working on a DIY OneWheel project I have in mind. I want to see how closely a hobbyist can replicate the quality, elegance, reliability and ease of use of the real OW.

I’m a little jealous of your summer, btw. It’s winter here in Australia and it’s not fun going out to start the car in -4°c :frowning:

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Ouh, that sound like a fun project! Looking forward to following it :smiley:

Yeah, we’ve had the hottest month of May in over 200 years here in Sweden!


That month was a blast!:sunny::sunny::sunny:

OTOH they start hard-on implementing the tax on ALL the cheap stuff from China here in the Baltics as well. So far it has been 22€ max before tax his you, and the key on ordening expensive stuff from China is to use like TNT fast express which is like 50-70€, but that way they surely mark your shipment as 21.99€ and your total on ordering will be faster and cheaper still

Love the clean look of this build!

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The 22 rule is here in Belgium so long as normal :sweat_smile:

Update #24

The focboxes came and I didn’t waste much time getting them fitted in the case. Getting the power connected won’t be too much of a hassle. I’m more worried about fixing the nunchuck I managed to neglect to the point of it not working anymore. Maybe I’ll get to it this week :slight_smile: The wires from one of the foxboxes had to be longer as to not strain the solder too much.








How dare this post not have any likes after 4 hours! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha my thoughts exactly :wink:

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Great photos of how you’ve mounted the Focboxes, I’ll be following this closely as I’m doing the exact same thing… but I’m just a bit concerned about heat build up. Will the self-adhesive velcro be OK? Also are they just standard 5.5mm bullet connectors that you’re using to take the phase wires out of the enclosure? Thanks :slight_smile:

When I was messing around with electric skateboards (on a hiatus at the moment due to lack of funds… motorcycles getting in the way and all that) I used self-adhesive velcro on the inside of a cardboard box. Cardbox is a terrible conductor of heat, and everything was tightly packed in. I had a focbox and a maytech vesc squished next to each other and they were completely fine. I’d be extremely surprised if you had overheating issues with that mounting system.


Interesting! I’ll give velcro a go then. I think swapping the standard phase wires for thicker gauge wire is a great thing to do as well, better current transfer will help the mosfets out = less heat, I guess?


That definitely sounds reasonable!


I believe @Clonkex persuaded you that velcro is OK, so I won’t go into that :wink: But I’m not using regular velcro. I’m using that “new” stuff that only has one side and it sticks to itself!

And yes, it’s just regular 5.5mm bullet connectors.


3M Hook & Loop (Amazon) ? I was trying to analyse your photos carefully :eyes: Thanks for the information about the bullet connectors, you’ve done a great job!

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