Boosted deck, ego motor, ego esc, ego drive wheel , ego rear truck, front caliber truck

Ships from Cleveland,oh. Couple parts I don’t need. The loaded boosted deck has too much flex for my liking. Shoot me an offer pics on request

Is it an actual Boosted Deck or just a Vanguard Flex 3?

It’s the actual boosted deck

Pictures? I want to see what condition it is in.

I can take pictures but beware I’m on a very crappy phone had to send my Nexus 5x out for repair.

How much are you looking for?

Pm me. characters


Did you just solder to the existing connections? Does the ESC cover come with it?

Yes. I would probably keep the enclosure

Bump need to get rid of these things will trade for a stiff deck.

Hey man I got a Maestro 6 from Bustin boards brand new if your down for a trade.

Would you ship to the uk? I’d be after the whole lot.

Shipping would probably be killer from the states no?

Bumpty bump

@Alextech chars

@Alextech pics

I can get you a loaded Tan Tien or dervish to your prefered stiffness

Do you still have the ego esc?

Pretty sure I do. It’s in the garage and it’s below zero out. Send me an offer.