Boosted Dual vs Landwheel L3 vs Koowheel D3 – which one do you prefer?

After learning the electric skateboard in the market for now, I found some interesting things, most of them are not mass production, especially the boosted Dual, I knew it first, and then compared with two Chinese manufacturers from several aspects , the following is a comparison of the details: Composability: Imgur Battery Imgur Motor Imgur Remote control Imgur Hill&specification Imgur

I tried to do my best to update the data to reflect the latest information. If you see any inaccuracies below, welcome to contact me!

I think for the price the koowheel, but the motors I thought were 350w

dude this is like comparing a brand new audi s4 to a couple old vw bugs…and not the nice ones…

the Landwheel’s remote battery drains itself after a week of non usage

Vefond, you wouldn’t happen to work for landwheel, would you? Does it legit push an adult to 22mph?

Why don’t you use a Boosted Board Dual +?

I’m guessing you are looking at the V2 Dual. The battery is replaceable. The remote is not using a push rod system. It is using a Hall sensor. Also the Boosted standard battery pack is using 26650 A123 LiFePO4 cells. 12S1P